How should funding proposals be handled?

As you probably know, the AavegotchiDAO treasury is funded via fees from the bonding curve (DAI) and fees from Portals/Wearables and Baazaar (GHST).

According to the blockchan, AavegotchiDAO’s treasury currently stands at around 280,000 DAI on Ethereum and 370,000 GHST on Matic.

This is a huge treasury already, given that we’ve only been live for a few hours. If properly used, these funds could help attract world-class talent (developers, content creators) to work on and help promote Aavegotchi.

On the flip side, it will also attract low-quality scammers trying to skim money from the DAO.

So my question to AavegotchiDAO is, how should the treasury funds be handled, in regards to funding proposals? Let’s hear some discussion and I will add my thoughts in as well a bit later.


Shouldn’t promotion come when more resources are available for people? Since at this moment there’s nothing really to do for players, so promotion at this time does not make much sense. Apart from spreading awareness if there’s nothing for people to do they will know about aavegotchi but might not invest in it.

So I think that attracting developers will be a better move, attraction will come with usability!


Make a game around it? Someone asking for money stakes 10% of what he asks. Community choses between: yes, no, spam.

If spam reaches quorum, the stake gets burnt.
If no reaches quorum, proposer can unstake (minus a 1% fee that gets burnt?).
If yes reaches quorum, he can unstake and gets the funds he asked for.

Voters earn some experience if they were in the right camp between spam or not (even if they vote no but yes wins).


Given this is early stages, I believe the development, stability, system integrity should take precedence over things like marketing.
More damage can be done to a communities reputation and engagement by pushing something that may still have some “cracks, wobbles and farts” to sort out.

This makes sense, in two weeks this thing really pops off once season 1 starts so it would be a good idea to start marketing, getting people aware of the project. In marketing they always talk about the sales funnel where the first stage is brand awareness, the second stage is consideration and the third is is conversion, it makes a lot of sense to start the brand awareness stage right now imo. My opinion is that influencer marketing is overrated, but getting a celebrity on board might be a type of influencer marketing that pays in this instance, like a pewdiepie endorsement for instance. I have been running social media ads for years and spent thousands on ads for my music. I could def help out with that if you need.

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Quadratic funding could be an interesting idea. Gitcoin manages pretty well to get rid of low-quality scammers while rewarding more the most beloved members. People are giving away their DAI there, I guess we could build such an ecosystem in which we would give away our GHST. Aavegotchi DAO would just make 1 vote to decide how much GHST to give to a matching fund, and the community would do the rest.

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I think getting developers to get the infrastructure + gameplay out should be the priority. Once that is done marketing comes next with getting content creators help promote the game.


gameplay and gotchi utility first for sure

Anyone has feedback on coordinape? Looks interesting

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Is there a github repo for coordinate? Would love to take a closer look


A bit more infos here: Decentralized payroll management for DAOs | by Andre Cronje | | Mar, 2021 | Medium
“The project is currently still closed source, however the team are actively looking to engage with other DAO’s and organizations, should you have any interest or queries, please reach out to @tracheopteryx


Yep, I filled out their typeform. Interested to see what it can do.


Recruit a professional recruiter and he will help the team to find high-quality developers.

Better use budget to pay for minigames and game jams.
The second thing is needed is infrastructure projects around gotchi.
No need to push marketing when we can’t do anything with gotchis except pet twice per day and pay thousands of dollars for wearables.

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You also can’t do anything with Cryptopunks, Mooncats and besides breeding those crypto kitties nothing else. I’d say Aavegotchi is more than ready with all the wearables it has.

I think this thread has gone quite far off-topic. The original question was how the fund proposals should be handled, not what we should spend the funds on. Let’s keep the discussion about what to spend funds on for another thread.

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I believe the proposals should be, first, approved by the team, so maybe fill a form first for the team to review (hire someone for that?). Then we can all vote on that. That way, if the team sees something shady or a problem with the proposal, they can block it. I know it’s not the most democratic thing to do, but I don’t think it’s wise to put everything in the hands of the masses. Just my 2 cents.

I think we can all agree it’s best to just give the private keys to me! I’m your best fren after all. :ghost: :slight_smile:
I wouldn’t do anything crazy with the treasury i swear!
Just kidding but here’s my real thoughts.

We should have a smaller group representing certain people

2 seats for pixelcraft coderdan and Jesse
2 seats representing the poor and the masses
2 seats representing the whalelords
2 seats for people who are really active in the community like moon.
2 people from the dao that have the most reasonable ideas. (not the dreamers who say yes on every idea)
2 seats for a paid 3rd party who have no holdings in aavegotchi own any gotchis but atleast kinda know what is fair or not.???

Maybe all seats could even have a monthly veto that counts as 3 votes instead of 1.

The small group would churn out the main proposals for normal people to vote on the snapshot.
I feel like if we tried to do this on the dao with everyone doing proposals nothing would actually even go through.
That said I hope the group representing listens to the things said on here.
I feel like the problem now is that no one here has any real authority at all.
A smaller more authorized and trusted group could make this happen.

Either that or just actively look through the dao for good ideas and put them up for core vote.
since community votes are so common they hold no value anymore.

all this being said I’ll shamelessly paste a link to my own treasury proposal


This is an interesting idea and reminds me of how Illuvium is approaching governance, where a community-wide election was held to select delegates who vote on proposals on behalf of the community members. I would strongly oppose that exact implementation in the case of Aavegotchi (I think we all still want to be able to vote on proposals, as it will be integral to the concept of the ‘city hall’ once the realm launches), but I could get behind the idea of a “council” whose scope is strictly limited to deciding on funding proposals.


That’s a very interesting idea, basically another spin on the “committee” idea! @Jujy could you link to some posts about that election process? Curious to read how they did that.