Decrease Kinship when a gotchi changes owner

The Kinship game mechanic emulates the bond between a gotchi and its owner. Currently, when a gotchi changes owner, all the kinship points are transferred. I think it would make sense for the gotchi to lose a bit of kinship when it’s sold/transferred to a new owner.

My initial idea was to reset the kinship to its original state (50 kinship) but @Jesse_gldnXross suggested it might be too harsh for players who want to raise high kinship gotchis for resale value, which I totally agree with. He proposed to decrease the kinship by a given percentage instead (maybe between 5%-25%?).


  • Like in real life, it would emphasize the bond between a pet and its owner
  • It would give a slight edge for players who hold on to their gotchis


  • It might penalize players who use multiple adresses (for example a Metamask one for daily petting and a Ledger one to store gotchis more securely)
  • It might slightly decrease gotchi flipping activity in the baazaar

Please share your opinions dear frens.

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Kinship decreasing after a trade logically makes sense; however, in my opinion, adding a penalty to trading gotchis overcomplicates things.

It makes gotchis slightly less valuable, since a buyer wouldn’t get the displayed kinship. Would the buyer be able to see the kinship level that the gotchi would receive upon purchase? Will we add another piece to the UI, or will this clutter things a bit? Some things to consider.

Volume on the bazzaar is quite low at the current moment. We don’t want to add something that might discourage people from buying gotchis. This idea could be revisited in the future.

For these reasons, I am against this.


If we penalize with a percentage of 3% to 5%, the impact on the future owner would not be so bad.

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What if a gotchi already under very low kinship from previous owner? Will that still apply?

I recently got a gotchi at below 30 kinship, in this case, the kinship go even lower?
Or like in real world case where bad owner treat their pets badly? Will the pet be a little happier when they see a new owner? Maybe any kinship scores = or < 30 will have 5-10% increase instead?

Just feel that it wasn’t very fair if I got a gotchi that already super low in kinship and still apply with the same rule…



I agree implementing this right now might be detrimental for the baazaar activity. Maybe we could revisit the idea a bit later on? I think we should find a mechanic that would allow players joining in later haunts to have a chance at competing for kinship and XP. Maybe this might help, along with the mini games of course.

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That’s a very interesting point. I think inverting the process for low kinship gotchis is an amazing idea!