Designate all Backspill as District funds for Municipal Auctions

We do not know what to do with the backspill(unreleased spillage stored in the spillage wallet) but we do know that there is too much alchemica for our current group size and game state.

We do know that we will have district DAO’s and that we will be customizing our districts. The backspill is the perfect mechanism to use to create an isolated market for the districts to compete against each other. It will become, in essence, play money, for our little micro governments, a game within the game, a macro economy in a bubble.

Alternative way to look at this:
If the districts use the backspill to compete in civic auctions, it’s really just like a big weighted vote :slight_smile:

Community pride, player engagement, realm beautification, and yes, the glitter gets burned after each auction, so there is no inflation, just an elegant way to start up the local governments.

Suggested enhancement:

  • The bids are in the form of 1x, 2x, 3x(you are making an offer to pay a multiple of the floor price)
  • Use the recipes to make various sets of items favor certain alchemica
    As each district is going to trend towards a different quantity and distribution of spilled alchemica, their budgets should vary wildly, and we’ll get a spirited and fun competition that brings the community together.

I am leaving the method of auction and the details out. I just want to lock in using backspill as the purchasing power in the municipal economy.


I’ve honestly given this my best effort and reread it 5 times on 2 separate visits but I just can’t get my head around what this is trying to do :sweat:

How does this prevent the locked spillover getting dumped on the market? Which wallets does it get given to? Who owns district DAOs? How far away are District DAOs? What would the locked spillover be used for by the districts?

Does anyone besides the person with a competing prop, have an opinion?

The point of this is to allocate the backspill to a separate economy, for use by the districts later, to do district stuff, that is not part of our player economy.

All of Marks questions are spurious at best, IMHO, as none of them matter until we get to that point, and we can decide then. All this does, is say that the unreleased spillage is going to get used for the DD economy, which would be a self contained thing.

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I don’t feel the need to do anything with the accumulated spillover right now so I think allocating to the district DAOs when there is more sinks would already make more sense than burning it. It would create a nice dynamic from the get go when they are introduced as each will start with a different amount directly correlated with the activity of its landowners.

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I do totally agree with Hardcore and PG here. Burning makes not much sense at the moment as we can find many new uses for the Alchemicas for the Districs.
Stack the Alchemicas away for now until we have the set up for the DistrictDAOs and we have an exelarator fund to start them.
Also, we have many sinks coming up in the near future. Let’s see how they do affect the economy and reassess in Q2 23.

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