Developments in the Citaadel - D27 & D30

Frens, I come to you with this information and ask you to consider it carefully. What may first appear as fud, is actually a serious matter and will affect the future of Aavegotchi drastically.

However before I present the issue, it’s important to remember we are not holders of Pixelcraft Studios, we are GHST, Realm, and GOTCHI holders, therefore by extension owners of the Aavegotchi DAO.

According to the Wiki, it states “Although AavegotchiDAO Oasis is the final iteration of AavegotchiDAO’s evolution, it is only the beginning of the realization of a DAO-governed game. All decisions related to Aavegotchi game mechanics, REALM mechanics, ecosystem spending, and even smart contract upgrades will be voted on by the AavegotchiDAO."

It has come to be known that the north easternmost quadrant of the citadel (District 27) will be given directly to Pixelcraft Studios. This land contains dozens of humble, reasonable and well over a hundred spacious plots, and also quite a bit of Alchemicha. At current floor prices is an approximate value of hundreds of thousands of dollars. This was not a decision that was ever proposed to the DAO, let alone passed. This was also never mentioned anywhere in writing, in fact the Realm litepaper specified an 80/20 split between auction and raffle with no mention of any Citadel Realm being given away or reserved for other use, other than mentioning 69 Paartner Parcels which were also given away without DAO consent. While the Paartner parcels led to many well received announcements, It seems as though DAO partnerships should be a vote, especially when land is involved.

A very similar situation applies in D30, where again a decision was made to allocate Parcels without a Dao vote. These two allocations cannot necessarily be looked at as separate issues, given that the Devs from Pixelcraft have told us that we were given D30 to compensate for them taking D27.

You may be asking yourself, should you be concerned? Does this meaningfully affect your GHST or land holdings? Well let’s look at some numbers. Had the parcels been allowed to be auctioned, as we were led to believe here there would be additional GHST being allocated to the Treasury, and additional GHST being burned. How much, you may ask? The 200 spacious parcels alone would fetch approximately 200K GHST, of which both Pixelcraft and the DAO would each be entitled to their allocation, along with burned GHST. This decision seems to fall under REALM mechanics and game mechanics, which according to our founding documents should be governed by a vote.

Pixelcraft does not have the authority to unilaterally decide if parcels should be given away for free, the same way they are unable to suddenly decide to mint 100,000GHST or create new haunt portals. These are major decisions with potentially drastic consequences, and thus, require the DAO to agree on them before they happen. While there may be some merit to the idea, It concerns me that this was thought to be within the decision making authority of Pixelcraft.

Allocating significant real estate to the studio itself without any oversight or approval from the DAO is setting a potentially dangerous precedent as there are yet a couple hundred thousand of Realm to be distributed outside The Citadel. Do we have to worry about large swaths of the grid being given to Pixelcraft, without input from us in the future?

Pixelcraft has made excellent strides so far during the development of this game and it’s important to acknowledge what an awesome shipooor Dan and team have been. However, the whole idea behind having a DAO was to give control over the game to the actual players. We need to make sure we are following that to both the letter and the spirit of this and even when Pixelcraft has good ideas that will benefit us, they still have to submit a proposal to the DAO and have their idea be accepted.

I propose that initially we vote on whether or not to turn the control of the unauctioned PixelCraft plots in District 27 and unauctioned plots in 30. Over to the DAO and temporarily remove it from the auction pool, where after the community can decide if it is in our best interest to allocate or rent this land to Pixelcraft based on the proposal they submit on why they want the land and what they intend to use it for. This would be done in a future proposal, if we do decide to retain ownership of this district.

I am curious to know how other DAO members feel about this issue, please share your thoughts.