Discussion: Add Games-related Metadata to Aavegotchi NFTs

Gm Everyone!

Ernani here from Orium! Over the past few weeks, we received much constructive feedback about the Rental Marketplace and how to improve it, which we are very grateful for :pray:

Some of this feedback came from DAO-funded games (such as Dropt and Strategotchi), which pointed out that (currently) users cannot see game-specific stats when searching for Wearables (either at orium.network or aavegotchi.com).

Traditionally, NFT Creators share the traits of each NFT in the form of the “NFT metadata”, and all major NFT Marketplaces (such as OpenSea and MagicEden) leverage this feature to allow trait-based searches on NFT listings. For this reason, I believe it would be useful for the DAO to start discussing creating a process to add game-specific information to the NFT Metadata of DAO-managed NFTs (like Wearables).

To kick things off, I will post my take here, and hopefully, the broader DAO will include their own thoughts and opinions.


I propose creating a public GitHub repository to store all the traits of each individual NFT. How to store and maintain the data can evolve over time, but the main goal is to allow DAO contributors (such as game developers) to submit pull requests to add their game-specific traits. Pixelcraft (or a DAO-appointed developer) can review pull requests, and when approved, an automated pipeline would kick off to publish the updated NFT metadata.

For Wearables and Land, the Metadata is stored off-chain, and the automated pipeline can publish it to a Pixelcraft-owned server. In the case of Aavegotchi NFTs, the metadata is stored on-chain; for this reason, the safer approach would be to ping someone from the Pixelcraft team to publish the changes (although an automated pipeline can also be implemented).

This is just the boilerplate I would use. The process of reviewing requests and automatically publishing changes can be tighter to comply with the DAO standards. But I would love to hear what everyone thinks. Wouldn’t you want to search for a Wearable that gave you a specific benefit on Dropt or Strategotchi?

PS: The Wearables metadata currently doesn’t include the slot (hand, head, etc). I’d love to propose including the slot there as well :sweat_smile: