Fixed drop schedule allotments for wearables

With the release releases of new wearables coming into the game (Aagent, Santa Hat, OKex soon, and Raffle 4) we’ve seen plenty of discussion about the number of wearables that are introduced going forward.

Obviously completely limiting the addition of new wearables to the game would be counterproductive, but for the market to be comfortable with Aavegotchi long-term, a fixed schedule is needed, to avoid concerns about over-inflation.

Pixelcraft has a lot of great wearables in store, developed in-house and also by the community’s #Aartists, but we need to decide when best to release them. The main missions of Pixelcraft are to 1) build the Aavegotchi game and 2) drive awareness and ultimately adoption of Aavegotchi.

Wearables are more than collectibles so we do have an interest in distributing new wearables that better balance the amount of available wearables for various slots and rarity levels as we head into Season 1 of Rarity Farming.

Collaborations with influencers or brands can also help raise the profile of the game and attract new players. A sort of “wearables budget” allocated to Pixelcraft would help us allocate for promotional activities, while not encountering pushback from the community about over-supply of wearables.

So far we’re looking at a few different ways this schedule can be organized:

  • by time (x amount over y time)
  • by events (x amount per season/haunt)
  • ratios (some wearables total pegged to aavegotchis that exist)

Let’s keep this thread’s scope focused on “wearable production schedules” rather than “mechanisms of distribution”.

So Gotchi Gov’nuhs, what’s your ideal wearables release schedule? The more detailed, the better!


Looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts. Wisdom of the crowd in action here!


I suggest to drop more wearables when the portal haunt goes on as the logic that more aavegotchi is brought to life and people finding the best wearables at original price


This thread isn’t focused on the utility of the wearables, or the buying/selling of wearables in the Baazaar. Please focus on the topic, which is a sustainable distribution schedule for wearables over the long-term.


Regarding the topic of equipment, as a game player, you can design the format of the season. According to the theme of each season (usually three months?), invite users to participate in the design of new wearable equipment, and vote to reward those who are in the new The player who won the season.
In addition, we also need to take care of ordinary players. After all, every player has the right to get wearable equipment instead of paying for it in the market. Therefore, a basic set (once a year) is needed to reward our loyal fans.
If aavegotchi cooperates with other projects to develop business, then you can design an exclusive suit and limit it to motivate users who participate in the event (once a month)

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It is a catch-22. Everybody wants and needs more wearables for gameplay sake- but everybody wants them to increase in value is if they were a rare asset. I propose that as new items are created, they gradually take very minor hit in BRS and stat bonuses- this might balance things out and increase value of earlier issued wearables.


I would differentiate the promotional wearables from the main gameplay wearables. I know it’s not the purpose of this discussion but it helps explaining my view:

Promotional wearables created every quarter, if needed every month. Very limited quantities in the rare to legendary tier. It would give them higher value and would give the partner higher visibility.

Main wearables created surely for every season and under DAO vote for each haunt to reshuffle the values and give a chance to everyone to run the rarity race

A pre-set “rarity curve” of sorts- where you don’t forbid issuance of wearables- they simply are issued in ever-lesser numbers, with less stats, and ever increasing base maall price

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That’s an interesting idea and could potentially be implemented for Maall drops or other paid wearables, but what about Raffles?

if the raffle items have stats - they must adhere to preset rarity curve rules. If they are only visual- they simply aid ecosystem and hold aesthetic or collectible value


Only after haunts, three to four days afterward, after activity from the new haunt starts to lapse, revitalizing bazaar activity overall and stimulating the gotchi economy.

For me, per season/event is the best option but the no. should far less than the amount of portal created.

Some collectors including me try to collect the whole set of wearables they like and will continue to buy more which might create demand on the small quantity of that collection.

Sorry for my bad English.

yeah good point maybe separating stat items and visual items is a necessity. allowing/creating all sorts of transmogs while keeping stat items rare is a solution I think.
At the end of the day…it is very important to realize many users have spent substantial money on certain wearables already- and feeling these items can be diluted away endlessly is not good for the ecosystem.

It will not allow me to add further replies- so adding as edit here -

Understanding some aspects of the model must continue as is- then this should be the best compromise solution:

  • ratios (some wearables total pegged to aavegotchis that exist)
    This creates a sort of floor expectancy of value i.e. - there’s demand for X mythical items for every 100 summoned gotchis
    “future rare” items - such as godlikes issued in the future - could have certain stat bonuses that unlock at certain kinship level, or new set bonuses made with older rare items - this way long term users feel rewarded and less diluted with the issuance of new items.

For me, the wearables should be distributed in 3 distinct events:

  1. Whenever a new haunt is issued - there should be wearables as well for sale.
  2. During raffles - tickets should only be purchased with FRENS earned by staking GHST or LP tokens.
  3. Certain special community events / contests to keep the community engaged (those should be limited and probably attributes less rare - there are just promotional events).

Regarding frequency, that is for discussion of course.

Raffles should be between haunts and probably 2 raffles: 1 “announced” and another “flash” raffle (not announced elsewhere, only in the Aavegotchi app, and perhaps giving people only 24 hours to enter, this way only the community that actually goes and pets their Aavegotchis daily would find out).

Those are my 2 ghst cents.

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I think we should differentiate two things: Raffle and Event wearable

  • Raffles in my opinion should be limited to a number between 2 and 6 per year. The number of items allocated for each raffles should depends on the expected number of Frens/Ticket in the market (the computation may be complex however)
  • Event wearable in my opinion should happen once per event maximum (one per season?), it could be a type of events:
    ex: We have an event with a new mini-game, and release of similar theme wearable. One incentive to buy could be that the wearable provide a bonus valid only during the event in the mini-game. This bonus could be equivalent could be equivalent of an upper class wearable for example (some balance is needed since for Mythical/Godlike wearable such idea would be quite overkill).
    Number of items allocated should be dependent on the number of active aavegotchi as this time:
    • Common item → 75% of the number of active aavegotchi.
    • Uncommon item → 50% of the number of active aavegotchi
    • Rare item → 25% of the number of active aavegotchi
    • Legendary → 5% of the number of active aavegotchi
    • Mythical → 2% of the number of active aavegotchi
    • Godlike → 0.1% of the number of active aavegotchi

Wearables and potions should be issued in raffles only.
Maybe to remove Maall link :slight_smile:
Raffles should be 4 times a year, but what type of wearables and how many of them should be decided regarding the number of gotchis and TOTAL number of wearables.
To give value to all gotchis, earning FRENS per KINSHIP could be one of the solutions.

by events (x amount per season/haunt) :+1:

seasonal drops get me hype. in game and in real life.
It’s reliable, and relatable.
more swag (wearables), more options = more ways to express yourself and not get bored.

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I love me a good raffle but… limiting wearable acquisition to only raffles is a big departure from the initial plans.

Worth noting that doing so would undermine velocity of GHST token (less reasons to move it around) and removes a significant revenue source for the DAO, Pixelcraft, and also the Rarity Farming rewards pool itself.

For a healthy discussion let’s assume the Maall/Raffles hybrid model will remain in place and focus on what a sustainable distribution schedule looks like.

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Summing up points from before plus your noting that hybrid model kinda needs to continue, how about this for simple and sustainable distribution model?

*Add 1 or 2 decimals to existing wearable stats- and decrease stats, raise prices, lower supply of new items moving forward under a preset rarity curve.

*Exempt stat-less items from rarity curve limitations - This challenges devs to create value through aesthetic, creative, collectible and other less dilutive means. (i.e. “I don’t care its got no stats! It’s too cool looking so I must own it!”. All sorts of things can go here like conmemorative, event, and game-specific items

*Preserve the lore and rarity of previous mythical and godlike items through set bonuses (i.e. set bonuses made from godlikes of different seasons)