Hall of Fame Jacket Wearables


Award future and retroactive AavegotchiDAO Hall of Fame members with a basic aavegotchis wearable jacket to further commemorate their contributions to the community.

Specs to be determined:

  • Design
  • Artist
  • Rarity tier
  • Trait modifier selection
  • Transferrable or non-transferrable

These jacket wearables will be gotchi-equipped, limited to the hall of fame members, and ideally have some rarity/trait modifier affixed to each jacket. My thoughts are that we could customize the trait selection within a rarity tier for each member so that it optimally fits each gotchi, but keep the design the same & update the jacket with each year of induction.

Hopefully in the future we could conduct in-game ceremonies where these assets could be distributed inside of the gotchiverse and it would be a cool edition to reward & incentivize contributions by our most engaged members.

Let’s discuss specs and see where the conversation goes before sending to sigprop


Having gone down the path of new wearable creation, it’s super complicated. I think this could be a really cool use case for new backgrounds! I have some fun ideas from a Forge development perspective to create pathways to customized backgrounds if their is interest in this.

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