I propose to store our names in wearables called nametags that should be worth around 50 GHST to avoid name spamming.
This would ensure names become valuable in due time without having to wait on more haunts each time. There’s millions of combinations of characters and numbers out there, most words and names haven’t been taken yet. Only the obvious ones to the crypto community have been taken in the first 5 minutes such as Satoshi, Vitalik, Sergey, Andre Cronje.
There 45,000 different English surnames and 470,000 English words. So we have to occupy 515,000 gotchis/nametags before we start using different language words, names, combinations of numbers and symbols.
As such Aavegotchi was also talking about names being used as website domain names which isn’t possible… and slightly implying copyright claims over them, which is possible if we’re doing a partnership with Pixelcraft and buying the copyright claims over the name “Amazon” on the Aavegotchi game for ourselves.

I don’t like this idea. I think it would be great if new players could still get a chance at scoring a great name at any generation. Why should someone be able to buy a bunch of potentially great names and park them, similar to the problems with .com names ? It doesn’t make much sense to me, sorry.


Yep, I agree with @notorious_BTC. If you want more names, you need more Gotchis. Don’t see how name squatting without a gotchi would be productive (although it could lead to more revenue :moneybag:)

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Also i want to purpose the name token that can be claimed for the aavegotchi + i want to see the claim for the name as for example Jesus, the full name is Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus Christ, so the right way to claim is in between? No, we must to make something that will bond the name and it’s variables.
If you claim Jesus, no one can claim it too, like Jesus1 or Jesus the son. Not include, god, messiah and etc, name is a name.
Adding a name token to the aavegotchis will make them variable on the market, thouse who claim the name, cannot change the name forever, it’s name will be it’s unique forever.
Gotchis with name tokens will be valuable on the market for the new customers, gotchis with no name tokens and trash names will face suffer, but, name token will be given to each and every, but we must to find the way to associate the names with it’s variables, i’m tottaly in this idea. Was one of mine tho :smiley:

  • agree about making the name for the wearables, same as diablo 2 did, but the names for arts should be some kind of priveledge i gues… Like only top 100 rare rank can get it airdroped to them as a wearable token namening function.

I’d like to bring this topic back up again.

I like the idea because I think caring about your gotchis name is really dumb(mine have great names but I’d never pay.) This is a great sink because it sells something absolutely useless to people that deserve to be parted from their money.

If you want to take this idea too far, I’d go with the GNS, Gotchi Name Service, where you can register the ID and the gotchi and it’s now a DNS service as well.

Format - youregoishuge.gotchi

Perhaps we could combine them somehow with the parcel names and even badges. 1 year ago I heard gotchi names and parcel names were suppose to be like web3 domain names like .eth

Actually, this IS a good idea here… the gotchi’s should be a GNS to their pocket so you can just send funds to a Gotchi when you see it in the verse. You get free registration when its born and then theres a fee to change the name.

If you want names of value, this is the path, because easily recognizable and typed names are worth more.

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