Name Rarity Farming - Discussion

What began as a slightly inebriated, off-the-cuff chat on Discord about having some competitiveness around names very rapidly rounded first base, went straight past second, and slid into 3rd base with a signal proposal.

Only after sobering up a bit and wiping the tears of laughter from my eyes did I realize that I and the fellows I was chatting with did “a thing” and now it’s a signal proposal gaining a bit of traction! Which is… good?

The truth is, we have been here before:

This initial proposal was arguably greed oriented and was roundly (and rightly) rejected. Hell, I voted against it. We all thought we could put the name game behind us and move on… but then a small, scrappy band hellbent on distraction summoned the ghost of past once again.

But, there seems to be some not-insignificant support for the care and attention some of us (dagger eyes at 99MYTHICALEYESELONMUSKSATOSHINAKAMOTO) put into our Gotchi names. There is however, the risk of re-hashing something quite annoying and diverting time away from more important work going on in Aavegotchi DAO.

So, I thought we should open a discussion on whether this can be done in an extremely simple manner, without much hassle, after a community event, in a way which - with minimal effort - would make people excited to attend community events, and showcase the diversity of the little guys, by forcing everyone to troll through the list until they find the best name, in hopes of awarding someone (not even themselves - look; it’s selfless as well!) a big fat reward for their subtle genius.

As suggested in the signal proposal, I think it should also generate some income/funding for the DAO development, therefore a 1GHST per person fee should be paid for voting, and 10 for entry. (But, this can be negotiated)

And, finally, let me say that, if nothing else, this is probably an example of a bad proposal to begin with - I should have begun a discussion on the DAO forum first, I should have included my Gotchi ID on the top of the proposal, and I should probably let sleeping ghosts lie…

…but perhaps there is actually something here that could be fun and (relatively) easy to implement, and that would reward people for things that don’t cost money, while bringing money into the project.

The Signal Proposal
The Gotchi ID that I forgot to include: 7880


Name badges?
A rare clamable badgies that you can trade separately?
Oh yeah! Even if not tradable separately, still yeah! Name rarity must have a place to be.
Since gotchis are ghost of the dead people… dope.
We just must to have something about it.

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Not really supporting the idea of endless renaming situation.
We need penalties for name changing, or special nft token, that gives us the ability to rename or to sell that token feature to other.

For name rewards, items only if 1/1 like a community sympathy for voting for that gotchi, mb some facial or eyes item, dunno, or a special pet…

But item reward seems too good to be true.

P.S. there is a separate discussion around an “unofficial” metric revolving around popularity and petting.

After a bit of discussion, we’ve sort of figured it would be a community effort, as devs are pretty much busy doing big man tings.

JG has put forth the idea of popularity contest with petting of other people’s gotchis, etc, though a third party system, which could be linked in some way with this idea, obviously off-chain.

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Thanks Honeymoon! My idea would be un upgrade to the contract, so it would be on-chain I think? I may have mis-spoke in disc.

However what you mention, something that we organize amongst ourselves, wouldn’t even require a SigProp I think, just a separate Discord server (and actually beginning work on all the implementation).

So… its a matter of choosing where the effort is put on upgrading the contract with popularity scoring- or arranging unofficial name contests on our own.

It make sense that a name can be used as a name and also a description. Adding other rarity farming categories is wonderful! The only problem is that it’s an unquantifiable metric in terms of performance.

Adding the human element of popularity is interesting. I didn’t like school much and I’m not an extrovert so this doesn’t hit any of my buttons.


Thank you Kokusho, you really offer the best points even when in disagreement.
Are you sure this doesn’t work for shy people? I have gotchis that help me channel certain thoughts or feelings. If a specific gotchi gets high marks, by virtue of their own awesome name, isn’t that an amazing thing for introverted owners?
Perhaps the biggest issue is we still can’t hide the owning wallet- to emphasize the gotchi identity, and de-emphasize the owner behind it :frowning:


It’s actually a really cool idea, it would be nice to have a gallery of all the nominees(image/gotchi itself included) in the realm.

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@Kokusho & @Honeymoon - Thinking this further. What if we simply create a name/popularity leaderboard- and have it chainlink/VRF randomized each week? This can place/highlight random gotchis on a leaderboard to start, but from there…peoples votes/interactions/pets make the standings fluid and constantly changing!

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Got to the point of names fashion show?

This peaks my interest. That reminds me that we still need the pet operator.

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