Aavegotchi dogtags

I propose to airdrop to everyone 4 dogtags per each portal/gotchi. These dogtags each carry one name.

Why: Improving name rarity.
Pros: Helps with name rarity while not spamming names by not allowing dogtags to have an infinite supply like MMOs allow for infinite account creation. Will be able to put something like “Double Myth Eye 3X traits” as names without sacrificing your gotchi’s good name.
Cons: Won’t be able to freely switch between names that weren’t previously claimed.

Names like domain names are only rare if a large majority of them aren’t available and if someone is willing to pay 2 million dollars for names like “Satoshi Nakamoto”

  • 2 dogtags per gotchi
  • 4 dogtags per gotchi
  • 7 dogtags per gotchi
  • 10 dogtags per gotchi

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Fren I don’t think this is a very fair poll as the option to not have this implemented at all is not there.

I know this has been proposed before and to be frank I just don’t see the point of this. I feel if you really want to park names, you need to do it with floor gotchis. Having name tags, to me, feels like a clunky mechanism that really only has one purpose: allowing players to hoard names for future resale value.

I think this idea goes against the fun-spirited nature of the gotchis. With this proposal, we’d already have between 50,000 & 250,000 claimed names that are doing little more than sitting in someone’s wallet for a resale value?