WTF: Introduce more Wearable Sets from Existing Items


The WTF has been in discussion over the wearable sets & bonuses. In the beginning- the long, long ago, there were a number of wearables that were created and matched into sets which when looked at today, are not very feasible. This may include:

A wearable set containing three or more rarity tiers
A wearable set containing two items of the same rarity and a third at a higher ranking
A wearable not belonging to any set at all!

We’ve been talking about creating some new set bonuses to help bolster some of the forgotten items. Before we go much further, I wanted to reach out to the community as a whole and gauge interest in doing this.

I propose this idea for two main reasons:

  1. Increase the value and utility of wearables. Many items are gimped compared to their same-ranked cousins due to lack of viable set bonuses. By bringing them up to par, the value of the wearables market would rise.

  2. Add some new sets before RF SZN 3 kicks off. With Season 3 right around the corner, some new set bonuses would add more variety and gameplay to the wearables market. Some new sets would hopefully add some more volume to the marketplace as players stretch for those new BRS bonuses.

As it is, of the top 5000 players, 2063 are currently benefitting from set bonuses.

  1. As a bonus, simply because it’s fun and adds a little more flavour to the gameplay while we’re eagerly awaiting the realm launch.

My personal belief is that each wearable deserves at least one viable set to belong to, and I’d love to hear what the rest of the community feels on this topic.

Here are a few of the new sets we’ve been playing with:

  • Yes! Let’s make more sets. The moar the merrier.
  • Yes. More sets, but let’s be sensible about it.
  • No. No new sets from existing items.

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Thank you!

I haven’t looked at everything, but there’s a few that are obvious to me…

I think we should spruce up the biker set to have 5 tiers… just change the facial hair, maybe do the sunglasses, too, to make it flow better. Maybe have the mythical one be holding the bitcoin guitar or something else a biker might have…

The items at bottom of the bazaar most definitely need attention as well. Since the next wearables raffle is likely after land and H3, adding new sets would spice up the market a bit.


really dig this idea. Theres so many combinations. Not only will it help individual items, but it will also make gotchis more diverse! christ Ive seen 25 captain aaves just today in the gotchiverse LOL.


I like this idea a lot as I do not wish to purchase a monocle to get a set bonus with my gentleman’s suit !

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G man - Aagent headset, G hat, G suit Aagent glasses. -2 AGG, +1 SPK +1 BRN (-2 AGG balances out the +1 AGG from the headset)

Other versions could have laptop and/or pistol, with mods that make them work properly.

combining the aagent headset with gentlemans suit sounds like high-end security detail to me.

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Track Suit, VR Glasses, 2 Uranium Rods - Rave God
Track Suit, VR Glasses, 2 Uranium Rods, Aagent Headset - Rave Cop

Pitchfork, fireball, Lil Pump Goatee, Wraangler Jeans - AAngry Mob

i dont see any reason not to do this. it simply makes the wearable game more engaging and it adds value. but to be thoughtful (/sensible) about adding them would be a good thing.

btw i really like the sets you put together. ‘cyber punk rocker’ i vote for that!! :laughing:


Monkey mask, fox tail, dragon wings - Flying Monkey from Oz

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