Frens Haunt, buy portals with frens

I think it would be great to have a haunt where people purchase portals only with frens.

Frens come from staking: Staking -- Aavegotchi Wiki


I got frens, I’d buy.


Yes this idea is awesome… Hopefully that Haunt drops epic Aave’s…

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What if for all future aauctions, be it for parcels, portals, etc, 10% of the inventory was set aside for a special purpose FRENS raffle (SPFR) to give a chance to community members who may not have as much cash to still win a lucrative item.

Frens are unique because they can’t really be transferred, so this could be an interesting experiment to see if for special purpose FRENS raffles, you can only enter once per wallet, and it burns something like 5K FRENS to enter the raffle.

There could be other constraints depending on the special items. Like for parcels, you must have at least one gotchi in your wallet to enter. For Haaunts, you must have at least one wearable in wallet, etc.

This idea would only be for a portion of the items, it still sounds like aauction is best route to go for the vast majority.


This is a dope idea.


great minds think alike


I really like this idea. Especially the part where one entry per wallet.


More adoption + more happy gotchis = one love.
My support+

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Great idea, I would love to see more uses for frens.


Frens are “proof of stake”.
They can be used to increase ones stake.
Until now only through ticket-trades, wearable-trades/usage.
Expanding this to portals (maybe even parcels, Gotchis) seems very reasonable to me.


Yeah it’s about time those Frens tokens received more functionality besides buying transition tokens(tickets).

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Mmm you could possibly even add a kinship metric. Kinship over 300 gets 10.000 FRENS to enter, over 200 gets 7.500, 150 gets 6.000 etc etc etc.

Highest gotchi in wallet gets the powa.

I would suggest this pool isn’t too terribly big, maybe 5-10% maximum of total portals.