Proposal :Failed Transaction Limited Haunt

The launch was an overwhelming success with portals selling out in under 4 minutes, congratulations to everyone who got portals and minted their fresh new gotchis. Unfortunately not everyone who participated in the launch was able to purchase portals and some of these people have been waiting months to participate in the aavegotchi universe. There are multiple possible solutions and i think that some are better than others.

Calling a new haunt would create just as much hype as the first one and further incentivize the rush on the secondary market. Its not hard to create a new wallet and the same whales would be able to buy in and place their portals on the secondary market for 5x10x20x the initial listing price. Even if you limit the number of portals available the whales will still get in.

I propose we call a Limited Haunt where individuals who had verifiable failed transactions get the opportunity to purchase a maximum of 5 portals from the DAPP. This protects the market and the rarity of avvegotchis while still offering an opportunity for all those who lost out on the initial launch to participate in the game, which I think is fundamentally the point of aavegotchi.


I love this idea. It was quite disappointing to be at the launch at second zero and still have my purchase transaction fail due to the GHST approval taking so long. I think there are quite a few people that are in the same situation that are keen to engage with the game. Rewarding the folks that were dedicated enough to jump through all the hoops to participate in the launch but didn’t get in, could drive the quality of the userbase.


Agree. This is a fair approach.


Agreed. I mean developers should be able to do simple math anyway; 50 Gochi max, divided by 10,000 portals released = 200 whales potentially dominating the whole system until the next portal drop.

That’s not “Decentralized” in any way. They should just call it a CAO in that case.


agree, let’s do it!!!


I vote yes. Thank you for the proposal


I very much agree with you.