👻 make aavehotchi generate 420 FRENs/day


The number is only an example
In order to make aavegotchi more powerful we can make it generate FRENs. Same way aavegotchi has voting power we should expand and empower them to the base means of aavegotchi economy: raffle and ticket-based yield

Let’s see in general, who would support this?



This would generate a lot of extra frens and I think it would crash the ticket price in time.

I am all for getting utility to everything, but I do not think frens is the solution in this. Rarity farming, renting out gotchi and farming alchemica will be the way to generate yield on the gotchi themselves.

The only way I see granting gotchi (or wearables, land plots or any other asset) frens could work, is if we would not grant frens for staking GHST. This would force people to either buy assets for the yield or put the GHST in a LP to support the project. But there might be problems with that also.


Doesn’t makes sense.

Favors only whales

No Way.


A) Hmm if we lower the frens per GHST this would force whales to buy gotchis.
A2) We could make having gotchis be paired with land parcels in order to be able to farm frens.
B) We could have gotchis with kinship, xp, unicly, rookie badges farm to give utility to badges.
C) Only a combo of rare and myth eye shape and eye color could farm a small amount of frens

i think that the current apy on ghst staking is excessive tbh the project itself is already very attractive without it, that said setting the floor at 420frens is valueing at their current market price and that’s dangerous, i would be more confortable with the 100~200 frens / gotchi as to dillute and “gamify” more the raffles .
I believe gotchis should be incentivised specially with h3 on the horizon , and having some return on spending your ghst on gotchis should be more valued than just simple staking

How would you propose this be done? As the DAO matures and gains more responsibility, we should begin to expect that proposals come with specific technical implementations on how to accomplish them, instead of making a request and expecting Pixelcraft to figure it out.

This specific request would be quite complicated to implement, so it’s worth considering the technical aspect in addition to the economic aspect.


Okay, let’s have a look from other side, that is down to almost nowhere.
How to try to keep the balance…

Let’s benefit only gotchis that is lower than 531 brs, with frens, cuz they are not reciving Rarity rewards in RF.
Or let’s benefit only gotchis that is lower than 500 brs?
The lower your gotchi brs, the more frens it gets?


for example 100 frens a day the lowest brs gotchi (in theory 300 brs), 1 fren a day for the last brs gotchi, that hold 4999-5000 place in the leaderboard of brs rarity farming.

“How about that, Elon Musk?” xD

there can be more ways to implement this

say only for example, we take lower number (say 100) and have it as base income for all aavegotchis, without any staking
this implementation would be relatively simple

Why do we need to benefit all of the gotchi?
Rewarding gotchis that is out of brs leaderboard seems much more fair to me.
You seemed not happy about my proposal for that way.

What if the funds allocated for rarity farming are staked between seasons and the FRENS generated are airdrop in the form of raffle/drop tickets? With the current amount of gotchis and treasury funds, every gotchi would earn (temporarily) about 80 frens/day. This change would not require any modification of the staking contract, only dev bandwidth to execute the airdrop.

What are we trying to solve here? And what is the purpose of FRENs? Until we have a some clarity on these questions, all the discussion just seems random.

the problem is all along FRENs distribution, one side (GHST) can extract all the value and second (items) receive all the inflation: more ghosts and items get printed with each event.

the game is not sustainable because economy simply wont work this way, people have no incentives to buy the assets from inflation side.

It already result into the some people extracting millions $ from the market, staking GHST and selling almost all items.

If the economy encourage this behaviour we will have no players because it will be not profitable to own actual game assets, as it is now.


Sharing here what I wrote in Discord:


An idea I floated awhile ago that made sense to me was to set frens emissions on a curve. Too much collective Ghst in the pool diminishes staking returns. Too low and liquidity is threatened, so a bonus emission ensues. Could span all pools. It rewards holders during market draw downs and doesn’t over-compensate users when there’s an abundance of Ghst being staked.

This would help curb emissions and possibly allow for space for more staking mechanisms like gotchis to come into play.

My idea from Discord building off of Thunderfish

What if it wasn’t frens the gotchis earned but instead could simply enter the contest as themselves?

Ie, 20% of items were reserved for gotchis from the item pools from the raffle.

It could be tied to kinship too. One hundred kinship points = one entry.

Wouldn’t need any form of tickets to confuse things. Simply a manual “entering” of the competition (to not award totally inactive wallets)

To me this would be minimal dev work as there’s no new contract upgrades. It’s just checking kinship and entering the raffle with those points.

Hope that makes sense.


“Gotchi as ticket” is pretty brilliant conceptually, to me. It gets a little closer to “gotchis go vote at the town hall” idea we’ve heard from PC for months (I’m imagining entering the Lottery Haall to submit with each gotchi). And it leans toward the little guy instead of the whale in a linear fair way simply because it’s harder to enter more gotchis one by one. You have my support.


You know, that is incredibly elegant as a concept.

I’d toyed with the idea of suggesting amGHST collateral gotchis/portals be a sort of airdrop event for owners of H1 and H2 gotchis, a celebration of gotchi ownership and for the gotchi community for getting listed on AAVE, but this takes that link between gotchi ownership and rewards to the next level!

What a beautiful solution to a complex problem, while still conserving GHST ROI and not diluting existing stakeholders.


Simply brilliant solution to this conundrum. It significantly incentivizes Gotchi ownership without diluting the Frens pool for GHST stakers, and the kinship clause incentivizes interaction with the protocol and rewards those who keep their Gotchis happy.

Since kinship will no longer be destroyed/consumed via alchemica channeling, this could be utilized as a kinship sink, if such a thing is desired. This would add another wrinkle of complexity and strategy to future rarity farming seasons and may just eliminate the ongoing debates about whether the kinship leaderboard should remain the same or be altered or even removed entirely going forward.

I’m not seeing any negatives here, aside from a reduction in the overall raffle items available for GHST stakers to win within the existing GHST/Frens system. GHST stakers could mitigate the slight Frens dilution by purchasing Gotchis and actively participating in the protocol, which should be the ultimate goal here anyway. You have my vote, ser. Excellent idea.


Heh, it definitely would require dev work, and a completely new Raffle contract deployment, as the current contract only supports tickets.

A simpler way would doing an airdrop of tickets to Gotchis (could be based on kinship, like you mentioned). Still not exactly easy, but would be much simpler than redoing contracts while we’re preparing for a big rollout of the Gotchiverse!


I’m no big brain dev ser! I saw it like we cordon off a piece of the items for the laatery and then just call the vrf to spit out the winning gotchis, one entry per 100 kinship. The og contract wouldn’t change, just the items input into the raffle.

I think there won’t be any raffles anyways for quite awhile so we have time to iron out a best solution for everyone, player and dev alike. :slight_smile: