From Days to Blocks: Modifying the New Renting Safeguards

Hello frens,

Today has been an interesting day of discussions and debates following the new anti-bot lending measures. First off, I think we can all agree that it’s absolutely awesome that Coderdan and the Pixelcraft team have listened to our concerns and taken action this quickly. Man, feels good to be heard.

On to the main point here, there is currently a lot of concern amongst laandlords who regularly require multiple publicly rented gotchis to support channeling on their laands. Obviously the goal here is to support more peer-to-peer lending agreements with reliable players, and I think many of us can agree that we like that! Though as some frens have pointed out, perhaps this one-gotchi limit per 24 hours is too much of a hindrance. So, what about something similar, but just a bit more mild?

I’m wondering if a shorter mandatory delay, per renter, might be an interesting alternative. Lets say, instead of limiting one wallet to renting one gotchi per day by default on the public market, we could implement a specific duration (perhaps a certain amount of blocks) in which a renter must wait until they can rent again. My assumption is that this could have a similar effect in curbing mass-bot rentals (which usually happen so fast that people can’t compete) but also maintain the ability for real, active laandlords to rent more than one gotchi a day with less hassle.

I’d love to hear criticism, ideas, and feedback from my fellow frens and the big brains out there! Maybe if this is something that we like, we can tweak it and flesh it out together into an official proposal.


i am all for a ‘meet in the middle’ option, 1 per day seems very few. but unlimited is not the way either.


There is no limit per borrower in terms of time. The restriction is based on whitelist IDs. You can borrow as many gotchis as you want when no whitelist is assigned, but only one at a time. You can get another gotchi by returning the one that you borrowed.

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Interesting. This could solve longterm lending issue with 1 per wallet.

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I believe we need to modify this new limit of 1 rented gotchi at a time per address on the open market.

I have a long term rented gotchi that I use daily to channel. I can now no longer rent a 2nd gotchi. I can no longer channel my lands fully, I am no longer interested in buying more land and I’m disincentivised from upgrading my aaltars. This is a triple whammy I wasn’t expecting to wake up to. Now I’m in the process of deciding how to split my portfolio over 2 wallet addresses so I can fully utilise my own land.

It’s positive to see some feedback so far that there are more gotchis available to rent at 0:00UTC however that time was never relevant to me so it has had no impact and won’t until the proposal to change the 0:00 UTC reset is implemented (wen sir??).

I support giving whitelist creators the ability to set borrowing limits per address.

As a man of science I’m happy to experiment and see the results of the current open market system but I really would like to see some data backing up the results that prove the bots have been dealt a real blow. A few positive discord comments are not enough imo, especially when people have said they’ve had no problems renting on the open market (I’ve very rarely had problems renting profitable gotchis on the open market when I’ve needed one).

I’d like to see the borrow limit per address for the open market lifted to 3-5 gotchis per address. Now that we have lost our spillover and are rekt on land prices, it’s just another blow to be told we can’t channel on the lands we’ve invested in without spending days sucking up to some random discorder in the hopes of being put on a whitelist. The social element of this game is great and important and I believe in it, but this is too drastic a move in that direction imo that really penalises those who are time poor, less outgoing, those who just want to play on their own, or have language barriers trying to get whitelisted.

If lifting the limit from 1 to 5 can be shown to render these changes ineffective at combatting bots then we need to expedite the implementation of caartridges - this has been a while coming and whilst it will force the social element of the game - it’s something that we can prepare for rather than being hit by surprise.

I think the OP suggestion of an effective ‘open rental market cooldown period’ is an improvement but also a pain because waiting for 5/10/30/60 mins to rent another gotchi you need now is going to turn people off.

Some other ideas:

Can we allow gotchigang to apply for increased borrowing limits? This could be based on discord verification or even manually, case by case, as there may be limited, manageable numbers of ppl in my situation. I happily volunteer to vet requests.

Could it be a craftable and even upgradeable NFT or installation?
no NFT limit: 1, Common limit: 2, Uncommon: 4, Rare: 6, Legendary: 10, Mythical: 25 and Godlike 50 concurrent open market rentals for the Nofutures of the world.

If some of the above sounds harsh, it’s a reflection of being made to feel disadvantaged.
Hoping an agreeable way forward can be implemented soon!

Lastly, who has a whitelist spot open plz???


Make hypothesis, test it, look at data, make new one, repeat till you get the result you wanted.

Fail fast, try often, succeed.


Oh wow here we go, this is a creative idea! This could keep the open market for gotchi rentals flowing while making sure that the majority of use can be allocated to those who have invested skin in the game (laandlords in this case). Plus I think this idea could tie directly in with the way our game is designed around the upgrade-tree concept (what was it formally called again?)

Part of me still thinks a 5-min cooldown time between rentals would still be good in the situation that we change the max amount default to 5 gotchis at a time, mainly because a big problem with the bots was the speed in which they snipe listings. Lets say you’re going to rent 5 gotchis one day, and suddenly 10 appear for listing. 5 of them are very good, and the other 5 are so-so. A botting player will still immediately snipe the best 5 from you. The small cooldown time would allow you to compete and possibly end up with a better lot. Of course, if the rental-instillation idea you came up with were to be impedimental, this cooldown would not be necessary as an accompanying idea.

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I like the proposals here but don’t have much to add in terms of strategy to fight botting, it’s above my pay grade. I’ll just say it was really nice in the first week of farming to be able to go to the rentals and find an equitable option to borrow. 2 or 3 weeks later all available options would result in a negative return so I stopped channeling parcels that I did not have an available gotchi to service. Would be nice to see a strategy implemented that restored the balance to the lending pool and made borrowing make sense again. Seriously, the lending options looked like a corner check-cashing joint by the time I just quit looking…