Gatekeeping using Aavegotchi Assets for Unity and HTML

Hi frens. First of all thank you for your time and patience. Hope you’re having an aavesome now.

Short Pitch:

I think the DAO should have a ready made code + tutorials on how to interact with the Aavegotchi contracts or protocol from Unity and HTML. It could be ready made scripts we can use on Unity or an Aavegotchi SDK with Gotchi design WebWallet and prefabs (like ChainSafe SDK). In any case this will make it easier to onboard small games developers and web content creators to use Aavegotchi assets in-game or as gate keepers of exclusive content.

Example 1: I don’t know how to code. I’m creating a point and click game in Unity with a visual scripting plugin called Adventure Creator. I experimented with ChainSafe SDK and managed to connect my wallet, show my addy in a text object and also how many FAKE Gotchis there are in my wallet. But when I tried to ask for the owner of a specific tokenId, I have to use ABI and other libraries and things just got complicated (3 weeks trying). I would love to use the FAKE Gotchis I created as gate keepers of my game. So only holders can play. Need halp!

Example 2: Chad has a Hats online shop and would like to give a special discount to Gotchi holders, and an even more special discount to Laand Baarons. An easy step by step guide with the code needed would be very helpful!

Example 3: Sam loves basketball and would love to create a blog about video games and movies about basketball. But would like to share that knowledge only to member of the Gotchi basketball wearables GUILD members.

Example 4: NADIEL wants to share on his website the making-of his art exclusively for holders of his FAKE Gotchis. Where to start?

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BUILDING ON AAVEGOCHI!! [Crypto Developers Need to See This Asap...] - YouTube ← OG gamejam era

GitHub - aavegotchi/nextjs-moralis-aavegotchi <-modern typeform style

Aavegotchi Arena | ETHGlobal ← A wild dev appears!

Theres a lot of stuff out there… maybe one of these might help you along, for now. @SlickBB or @CryptoGotchi could probably direct you to more current or applicable resources.

This thread on discord might be hidden to you -

The SDK is an older discussion but PC has asked for SDK requests and ideas, and the topic is open until… well, probably forever :slight_smile:

AFAIK the SDK is on the short list for things PC is doing after PVP/great battle get wrapped up, so now is a great time to learn more about what you might want out of an SDK.

Thanks for reviving the topic.

Hi ser! Thank you for your reply! I finally managed after many many tutorials to use the ChainSafe SDK to tokengate my Unity Point and Click game with my FAKE Gotchis (batch tokenIDs and everything). I’m very happy and would love to share the code/tutorial no problem.

What I would like from an SDK specifically for Unity is to be able to interact with the contracts in every possible way and in an easy/intuitive manner. Specially use Aavegotchi Assets in-game like the main character or NPCs. Also the WebWallet should have an Aavegotchi design. Make it Gotchi.

With ChainSafe SDK you can even create an in-game NFT Market Place. I dream about making point and click tutorials about Aavegotchi and Aavegotchi lore, use on-chain images of real Aavegotchi asseets. And even allow players to buy Aavegotchis and Assets in-game or in-tutorial. Whatever is needed to make the onboarding easier (from installing MetaMask, getting MATIC to DeFi, staking, RF, etc). All through PnC puzzles.

Even though the Gotchi SDK is in a galaxy far away, we should have a blog or discord channel or something with all the code, tutorials and SDKs that work now like the ChainSafe SDK. So people can start tokengating their projects and using Aavegotchi assets in their Unity games. Nowadays there are so many packages and plug-ins that make making games super easy.

Thank you for your time ser! Have a great one!

There’s a whole server. These are your people.

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