Giving Gotchi Owners The Ability To Reduce Cooldown Time For Solo Channeling

I’m actually suggesting we don’t initially have any kind of paid cooldown feature for personal gotchi channelling. The Channel Period concept is something I’ve been thinking of to help people with multiple gotchis, multiple borrowers, multiple land paarcels all over the map and multiple aaltars of different levels manage their timings.

To summarize, Channel Periods would work like this:

  • Get timestamp of block in which alchemica channelling is rolled out by Pixelcraft,
  • Each gotchi has a channel period that starts at the first block timestamp,
  • Gotchi can channel any time they like within their channel period once only,
  • As soon as a channel period is finished, a new channel period commences. If channelling was missed in the last period it is lost and points do not accummulate.
  • Duration of channel period varies between 24hr and 12hr caps and is affected with below formula (similar to kinship multiplier)

Note: The formula is optional and for actual implementation it might just be easier to use tiers similar to those shown in above table. In addition, cooldown tiers do not need to be implemented on a first pass and are shown here mainly as an example of what could occur if the DAO liked the idea of reducing gotchi channel periods.

Overall I’m in the camp of initially making this a free QoL feature rather than something players pay for.

However, perhaps we can have a GLTR sink by letting players purchase a temporary and miniature channel point “bank”. E.g. I know I’m going away for 5 days and won’t have access to the verse. Maybe I can purchase a temporary “bank” that allows me to store up to 5 days worth of credits I may have missed?

This “bank” can’t be gamed because I’m not getting more points overall than someone else but I’m paying for the convenience of not losing all those channel points too.


From what I am understanding, there is no way to manually reduce the cooldown between solo channeling times using your proposed contract style. This credit will only be able to be redeemed if you do not solo channel within your time period

IMO I would be against any “banking of credits” either free or paid for. There has already been discussions of having a toggle, much like the current one for GHST, where if you were in fact going offline for an extended time you would be able to toggle channeling “on”. I foresee this feature also being a big help to people that own more gotchis then they have the opportunity to solo channel on their individual parcels.

I had only envisioned basing the contract that would be used for guild channeling were guilds would be able to pay $GLTR to reduce the weekly schedule so kudos for asking Coderdan how feasible/ dev intensive it would be at this point to even release this type of contract. I would hate for a consensus to be reached on a theoretical approach and we would not be able to implement it.

I am 100% behind having the possibility of having kinship play a part in the time between solo channeling times but I would start with a much larger number. I would also like to have it cap at 12 hours somewhere around 2000~2250 because that is around 3 years of hand petting (for those that still practice this)

Kinship already increases the amount of Alchemica an Aavegotchi earns with channeling.

What is the need to reduce the cooldown too? Reducing the cooldown increases the rate at which new Alchemica comes online, leading to more supply and inevitably more selling pressure.

IMO the best solution if an owner wants to have a larger share of Alchemica derived from Alchemical Channeling is to acquire more Gotchis.

There is no free lunch, not even in GameFi. We should think about all angles of token distribution before tinkering with levers like these.


The ability to adjust it a small amount has utility in that a person may need to do it on their lunch break or some other time constraint daily, and be willing to pay to keep it on track, so it doesn’t slowly slide into a time where they are unavailable. As we do not allow bots, you can not automate this like petting, and with no mobile support, we can only do this from a proper computer, which for most of us, means, not at work.

I think there’s two issues being discussed here.

#1 is the “Channeling Period” idea originally proposed by Slick to allow people to channel within a 24hr period whenever they want, and not worrying about the clock being used back if they miss the window by a few minutes.

#2 is reducing the cooldown period of channeling itself, from 24hrs to something lower, based on various methods (spending GLTR, higher kinship, etc.)

#1 is possible but we’d need to move quickly to implement that if we wanted it to be in the initial May 18th release.

#2 would require an adjustment to the emissions rate of Alchemica which is something that should have more thorough discussion before being vetted as a viable idea.


Yes - I think the 24hr “Channeling Period” solves the core problem, i.e. making this mechanic human- and life-compatible so that it’s achievable and enjoyable by most people, without feeling they have to resort to botting.

What would be the next steps for the DAO on this? Does it need to go through voting? (not much time till May 18th)


Fully agree that just saying it can be any time between UTC 00:00:00 and UTC 23:59:59 is the elegant solution.

We should run a vote in here NOW, and have a sigprop ready to go the moment snapshot is fixed.


How should the 24-hour cooldown period work for Alchemica Channeling?

  • When Gotchi performs channeling 24 hour cooldown starts
  • Gotchi can channel once a day with cooldown ending at 23:59:59 daily

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Nice. I took a little vacation and come back to some good input. When slick asked about the possibility of the solo channeling contract being changed sometime last week, we had came to a slight impasse while we were waiting for an answer. I was going to mention the emissions, but was under the impression that gotchi UBI was minimal in the overall emissions rate so i am glad that was addressed by PC. So what we are looking at now is a 24hr “windowed” solo channeling time to begin with (hopefully) when part 2 starts. It looks as though using kinship to decrease the solo channeling window will have to be address at a later time once we see how well everything is working including how much daily emissions are now and how it scales as the game grows.

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Looks like it’s ready for a sig prop, as soon as voting is fixed :smiley:
You should put this on the docket for the meeting on Sunday.


Doesn’t this create a “rush hour” for gotchi channeling in the time leading up to and just after midnight UTC? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I’m not sure, but I would not want to channel at this time, as it only makes sense that this will be prime time for poaching spillover.

Going by UTC also favors those whose normal waking hours fall around midnight UTC - as they could channel twice within a matter of minutes, and then take 48 hours off.

Personally, I’d rather see it stay as it is and not introduce this additional wrinkle into the gameplay, as I do believe it significantly changes the channeling / spillover drop strategy of the game.

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IMO it really does not. You have up to 24 hrs to solo channel. The times you do it is up to you. Being realistic anything we come up with can be gamed if someone wanted to do it. Think about it this way, you could actually take the weekend off if you wanted without missing solo channeling. You would still however have to pet your gotchi, if you do not have them already being auto petted because this is on a hard fixed schedule and you also will still have to empty your reservoirs. As far as this changing spillover drop i do not see how it would. If somehow this was automated, bots might ignore any spillover if they were only programed to solo channel.


Would you not just choose to not channel at that time, then? I certainly would. In fact, I’d be there to mug the idiots who all got in line to be robbed.


Totally agree with MikeyJay. I feel this proposal would create a “peak hour” just before and after midnight UTC which IS effectively forcing another schedule on players all over the world, making time zone a relevant consideration. Would be the best time to collect spillage and also will have a huge impact on the way gotchis are rented out. Gotchis who can channel would command a huge premium at the reset which could be an interesting but overall limiting game play factor imo.

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IDK how this will be creating a “peak” 10 mins of channeling? Not saying that no one would try to do an every 48 hr “double” channeling but normal players would not solo channel at this time just because it would be perceived that this would be the best time to pick-up other gotchi’s spillage. So if everyone is waiting on everyone else, who will be the one’s left to actually channel? And again picking up solo channeling spillage will not be worth more than trying to catch someone emptying their reservoir 3x a day.

I think the thrust of this regular 24hr schedule proposal is to enable people to better manage their time in the gotchiverse and maximise the efficiency of their channeling. To me that means channeling twice in 10mins every 48hrs as you pointed out. I think that is exactly the mechanism that would bring about this peak hour. A peak hour isn’t 100% a bad thing, but it does force a schedule on people, which I’m against (even if “force” is based on market forces"). I also think it forces a schedule on gotchi lenders who will have set all their contracts up to lend out gotchis to empty reservoirs and not channel - then 00:00 rolls around and every gotchi lender has to change their rental contract at that moment if they don’t want their lent gotchis channeling. Overall it seems to big and a consequential a shift to me. I personally would also be against a pay to earn mechanism introduced to reduce gotchi channelling time. Pay to earn mechanisms are not in the Gotchi spirit (IMO). Thanks for your reply and loving the discussion!

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Interesting, to me it means I can channel at a daily time that suits my schedule around family and work. I have no intention on trying to be part of the “rush hour” double channel because I have plenty of other things that need to be done daily in the Gotchiverse. If we’re questing and maintaining our plots on a daily basis it makes more sense for people to gotchi channel on a daily basis too.

Add into this the fact that having 2-3 gotchis and trying to get all your channeling done in the space of 10 minutes at changeover time for the sake of having to only channel once every 48 hours is not a very attractive idea IMO. I think most players will just resort to channeling at better hours.

There is a solution to this rush hour problem of course and that’s to let players individually set their changeover times for their gotchis. Obviously, any changeover time reset means a player would have to wait 24 hours for the change to take affect to avoid gaming the system.


  • My changeover time is 0000 UTC
  • My current time is 0100 UTC
  • I reset my change over time so that it occurs at 0200 UTC
  • My current time is now 0200 UTC
  • I wait 24 hours
  • My current time is now 0200 UTC on the next day
  • I commence 24 hour window channeling

Of course this is more complex to incorporate but is a demonstration of why I wouldn’t consider the “rush hour” something that should make us throw out the window system idea altogether. Even allowing a choice between a 0000, 0600, 1200 and 1800 window start time would greatly alleviate the rush hour effect.

If I wanted to be concerned about anything it would be the slightly higher alchemica emissions we get from more players being able to keep up with channeling bots.

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I have a thought on this and forgive me if it’s already mentioned (I’m jumping to the end here)…but is it not possible to have the best of both worlds?
We have the universal clock which resets every 24h at 00:00 UTC
Then, we also have an individual timer in which you cannot channel within a four, twelve, or even twenty hour window.

From my perspective, the goal is to eliminate clock slippage for channeling while adding a bit of casualness to the gameplay.

The universal clock makes sure no gotchi can channel more than once per 24h

The individual timer prevents players from channeling twice every 48h within just a few minutes.

Is this possible?

I see it needing two checks:

First, have you already channeled once during the universal timer?
Second, have you already channeled once in the past XXX hours?


I think hopefully after this passes, we can then fine tune the channeling times. I do not see why we could not put to a vote on a minimal buffer like 4 to 6 hours between channeling. This is why i wanted to use Sunday’s DAO meeting so everyone could talk about ways of to make this a way to stop time slippage for our busy/non-intensive players but at the same time not make it too favorable for abuse. I am leaning more to the 4 hour window but we will not stop automated gotchi from just adjusting to any buffering times that we create. They would just do the minimal to be able to still channel. IMO there will never be a “perfect” answer because you will never be able to stop everyone from finding a way to game the system. However if we make our focus only finding ways to restrict “possible” ways after a while we will squeeze the fun out of actually playing the game imo. HUMAN engagement will be the best determent to automated playing. We will have thousands of players actively seeking these automated gotchi so someone just setting a fixed time to summon will not be doing that for too long because it would not be profitable.

  • 4 hour window between interaction
  • 6 hour window between interaction
  • Let nature take its course if you choose to try it

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