Botanica update - New universal gameplay loop

UPDATED 7th April 2023 (ironing oput concepts, seed economy, plants gameplay, love component, and thinking what is fun. Merged visions of Artcore and Rikige together)
UPDATED 3rd April 2023 (ideas by Rikige and ArtCore)

“Botanica” update introduces several new gameplay loops into ecosystem, introducing Botanica into the game.

What boxes does this check:

• New meaningful gameplay loops
• Utility for all parcels sizes
• Alchemica sink
• GLTR sinks
• Metaverse feature – reason to group up in gotchiverse
• Geode and schematics gameplay loops
• New skill
• Carbon credit / emission permits / REFI
• and more


  1. What is Botanica?
  2. New installation - Garden
  3. Garden gameplay
  4. Garden tile quality (level) and connection to gameplay
  5. Seeds economy
  6. Tree gameplay
  7. Gardening skill
  8. Possibilities to connect future content, other gameplay loops
  9. What are FUN gameplay features?
  10. What needs to be developed?

1. What is Botanica?

Botanica is trees, plants, herbs, fruit, everything that grows.

You grow “Botanica” with Garden UI, which is provided by Garden tile . Once Botanica is grown, you could harvest it. After you harvest it, you could trade it on the market, plant it on the parcel or use it as a resource. Once planted on the parcel, you cannot move it and unequiping destroys it. If you use botanica as resource, it also destroys it.

Trees are important part of gotchiverse world. All of the life depends on them. Love your trees, spread your love and your Forests will always stay healthy, and reward you, when the time has come…

  • You grow trees , which are typically 2x2 (mosaic size) installations. There could be more sizes of trees. Rare trees could be bigger, like 4x4. We are gotchiverse, we don’t need to stick with green trees only. More in “Tree gameplay”

  • You grow plants. Plants are typically 1x1 size. Plants are herbs / berries / veggies / fruit. Once harvested, you could trade them, plant them on parcel, or use it in potions recipes as a resource.

2. New installation - Garden:

If parcel has at least 1 “Garden tile”, you have access to “Garden UI”. “Garden UI” is displayed by clicking on any “Garden tile” (similar as when you click on aaltar, you get channeling / reservoir UI)

“Garden” – 8x8 size tile / installation. Each Garden tile, gives you 1 growing slot in Garden UI. You can have up to 8 garden tiles on 1 parcel (needs data projection on this, nothing set in stone). If you have humble parcel, you can place only 1 Garden tile, and no option put anything else there. On Reasonable you can put from 1 to 4 Garden tiles, on Spacious you are able to place maximum number of Garden tiles that is allowed.

To Craft Garden tile, it costs Alchemica. You build them same way as harvesters. Level 1 is crafted with just alchemica, ready to be placed on parcel.

To “Upgrade” Garden tile, you need alchemica + optional GLTR (more info in “Garden tile level” chapter).

You can move you garden tiles on parcel, but unequeping destroys it, same as harvesters.

You would have at least couple of “garden tile” art you can choose from, where if you connect these “garden tiles” next to each other, or in other formation, it is aestetic pleasant to look (MIX and MATCH style)

3. Garden gameplay:

Introducing Garden UI – clicking on garden tile, opens Gardening UI for your parcel

You grow botanica in growing slots. Each growing slot has rarity. Amount of “growing slots” depends on amount of garden tiles you have on the parcel. Rarity of growing slot is decided by level of garden tiles you have on the parcel.

You see what is being grown in growing slots and what harvest time for particular botanica is.

If at least one harvest timer is finished, you can press “Harvest All button”… Once “harvest all” button is pressed, Botanica NFT is minted where timer was finished, and growing spot is emptied.

You could use “GLTR” button to speed up all growing slots. 1 GLTR will move harvest time on all growing slots by 1 polygon slot forward.

Introducing Growing slot UI:

Clicking on empty “Growing slot” opens “Growing slot UI”, where you choose what botanica you want to grow.

  • You need to pay alchemica price in order to start growing (Botanica needs fertilizer).

  • When “grow button” is pressed, seed is consumed / destroyed, alchemica is used, and you start to grow

  • Each botanica has its own harvest time (in polygon blocks). When you start growing, particular growing slot is filled and harvest timer starts.

  • Each botanica has “rarity” level (common, uncommon, rare, legendary, mythical, godlike). You can place botanica to the growing slot of the same rarity or lower.

  • Trees and plants are grown from “tree seeds”, and “plants seeds” respectively and you are always on the hunt for more seeds. More in “Seed economy”

  • **We are looking at genesis event, where first genesis cones will be distributed / airdropped to land owners / aavegotchi holder, possible some quest scenario, or reward **.

4. Garden tile quality (level) and connection to gameplay:

Each Garden tile on the parcels provides 1 growing slot to Garden UI

Level of Garden tile determines the rarity of growing slot it provides to the “Garden UI”. order to grow rarer botanica, you need higher level of Garden tile, so you need to upgrade you garden tiles in that matter.

Each Garden tile costs alchemica and build time. You can speed up upgrade same as with harvester, paying GLTR

Here is upgrade structure of Garden tile (you have 6 levels, as there is 6 rarities):

 Level 1 Garden Tile = 1 Growing slot - Common
 Level 2 Garden Tile = 1 Growing slot – Uncommon (could grow common / uncommon)
 Level 3 Garden Tile = 1 Growing slot – Rare (could grow common / uncommon / rare)
 Level 4 Garden Tile = 1 Growing slot – Legendary (could grow common / uncommon / rare / legendary)
 Level 5 Garden Tile = 1 Growing slot – Mythical (could grow common / uncommon / rare / legendary / mythical)
 Level 6 Garden Tile = 1 Growing slot – Godlike (could grow common / uncommon / rare / legendary / mythical / godlike)

  • Leveling Garden tile upgrade art of the tile as well.

  • Garden tile is not connected to aaltar level; you could upgrade your Garden tile max. level without prerequisite (Humble parcels love)

  • Example: You have reasonable parcel with 3 garden tiles.

 1 garden tile - level 2
 1 garden tile - level 4
 1 garden tile – level 6

Your Garden UI has 3 growing slots: 1 Uncommon growing slots / 1 legendary growing slot / 1 godlike growing slot

5. Seeds economy:

Tree seeds are acquired from “Cones”. “Cone” is re-skinned “Geode”.
Plant seeds are acquired from “Pods”. “Pods” is re-skinned “Geode”.

Opening Cone or Pod makes VRF call (Geode VRF cost 0,0001 LINK, so miniscule price)…VRF call decides what seed you get and amount of seed you get, you have chance to receive 2 seeds, and maybe miniscule chance to get 3 seeds. At least 1 seed from Cone / Pod is always guaranteed.

Rarity of Cones / Pods decided what rarity of seed you can get, similar how geodes work:

  • Common Cone / Pod
  • Uncommon Cone / Pod
  • Rare Cone / Pod
  • Legendary Cone / Pod
  • Mythical Cone / Pod
  • Godlike Cone / Pod

How do I acquire Cones:

You receive Cones from planted trees (See Tree gameplay)

How do I acquire Pods:

You receive Pods from planted trees (See Tree gameplay)

Tree seeds, Plant seeds, Cones and Pods could also be traded on market.

6. Tree gameplay:

When trees are harvested from the garden (Saplings), you can plant them on your parcel. You cannot move them after planted, only option is to destroy them.

Planting Tree NFT (Sapling) on the parcel gives you tree gameplay, each tree having own Tree UI.

Maine aspect here is “Love criteria”, you need “love” to grow Trees, and they reward you for that . Love is Gotchi interaction with tree. Different Gotchis (Gotchi ID) must make interaction with tree in order to fill up its love meter a little and so we have reason to superchat parties on the parcel, events with tree hugging. Lets say you need 100 different gotchis to fill love meter on one tree…thas a lot work, throwing a superchar party is much better, than doing hundreds transaction by yourself.

Each tree has own love meter.

As love meter fill on each tree, it “unlocks” reward you:

  • Unlock ability to “Harvest Cone” from the tree. Each tree can only give 1 cone in its lifetime of the same rarity.

  • Unlock ability to “Harvest Pods”. Tree gives you in intervals ability to “Harvest Pods” of the same rarity. The intervals are shorter when you upgrade tree to older form.

  • Unlock ability to “Upgrade” tree for older form, you start as Sapling, and can upgrade to 4 other forms (young tree, adult tree, elder tree and ancient tree)

To upgrade tree for older form, love meter for the form has to be reached.

It takes alchemica to upgrade the tree and it takes time for it to reach older stage.

DAO will buy Carbon Credits from NORI. Smart contract will be built between DAO (Carbon credits treasure) and Gotchiverse contract for Tree NFTs. DAO will top up this contract with Carbon credit whenever contract is empty. Each upgrade to older form of a tree will burn some amount of carbon credits. We should have a nice dashboard where we see, how much “carbon” our forests in gotchiverse burned.

Young tree - take XY block to upgrade from Sampling

Adult tree - take XY block to upgrade from Young tree

Elder tree - take XY block to upgrade from Adult tree

Ancient tree - take XY block to upgrade from Elder tree

You cannot speed up this process with GLTR (See Gardening skill). It will take time to grow you tree to ancients. Each form has different, more awesome art.

Your “forest”, is proof to carbon sustainability and should make players proud, giving parcel prestige and value, which cannot be bought for money.

7. Gardening skill:

Gotchis have new skill “Gardening”, same as Gotchis have “Forging” skill.

Gotchi improve its skill based on how long it’s dedicated to “Gardening”. Let’s say 42000 polygon block = 1 Gardening skill. You need to fill whole 42000 polygon block to improve skill.

More gardening skill gotchi have, better “time saving” capability in gardening it provides when approved for the job. You can approve gotchi for job only if its not channeled, and it was not channeled at least 1 day before locking to job (to not be able to gamefy it).

You must choose how to use your gotchi, effectively reducing alchemica emmisions.

Available jobs with Botanica gameplay:

  • You approve Gotchi to gardening in Garden UI. Your harvest time will be going faster on all botanica in growing slots.

  • “Tree nursery” installation and job:
    Simple 1x2, or 2x2 installation on the parcel. You approve gotchi for job at tree nursery. Your “Tree NFT” will upgrade faster, based on your gardening skill modifier. You improve your gardening skill while your gotchi works at tree nursery.

You are not able to borrow gotchi if staked for job. When gotchi is borrowed it applies same rules, and borrower could stake stake gotchi to job. When lend contract is finished “calling” back gotchi has “priority”…automatically unstaking.

I would love to see forging work the same, even forbid gotchi to do more than 1 job at a time. Gotchi owners should make a choice how they use gotchi. You can only forge if you gotchi is not channeled (and it was not channeled at least 1 day before, to not be able to gamify it)

8. Possibilities to connect future content, other gameplay loops:

• You could find seeds in Geodes, or as a loot in gotchiverse.

• Once districts / grid is open, there will be big demand from guilds / district hegemons to beautify roads, build parks, and so on. There is only so much land and capital to grow botanica.

• We could employ “wearables schematics” burn; you burn schematics, and receive Cone / Pod or seeds.

• Use case for tree nfts (saplings). We could use tree NFTs for defensive installations (ballista), or walls.

• Maybe find more utility for ancient trees (lets say have “Knowledge tree”, and in its ancient form, it could provide one time transfer of 30 XP, from one gotchi to another"… we could have a lot of utility in our trees)

9. What are FUN gameplay features?

Deciding how to use your parcel, you need space for garden tiles / trees

Deciding how to arrange garden tiles on your parcel

Choosing upgrade path for your garden tiles, so you would optimize your Garden UI, and looks.

Working Garden UI, optimizing your harvesting.

Seed economy

Opening Cones and Pods

Throwing superchat parties to hug trees

Love path in tree gameplay, ulocking your rewards

Upgrading your trees

Getting proud of your ancient forest though carbon credits usage

Going to your forest from time to time to harvest pods

Choosing how to use your gotchies with gardening skill

10. What needs to be developed:

• Smart contracts… we recycle a lot of what we already have, but still lots of work
• NFT minters
• Garden tile art (MIX and Match style) x 9 level of aestetics
• Trees art (a lot) for each rarity.
• Seed art
• Trees aging art
• Plants art
• UI art
• Plants implementation to potion
• All of the costs and number – data projection needed
• Gardening skill implementation

With Love Artcore and Rikige


Pretty fun idea! Couple comments:

  1. There’s no financial utility to the trees, right? Just purely aesthetic?
  2. The herbs idea is fun and aligns pretty closely with some ideas for Potions we have.
  3. Since a lot of micro-txns would be involved (onchain gotchi interactions) this would be a good fit for Gotchichain once it launches

No other utility from get go, but just thinking about it:

  • Destroying “tree” could give you “wood” ingredient (something like alloy). Wood is used as a one the building ingredient for “Walls” or “Defensive structures” (balista / towers)?

  • I would imagine, as Botanica has this “burning” mechanism (once its used, thats it), destroying tree, could get you “wood” material. Each tree would have different amount of wood it gives. Obviously we do not have to have wood, just “tree ingredient”… you either use it to beautify, or use it for structures

Its a design decision to introduce more materials to the “gotchiverse”, creating gotchiverse economy. Maybe we can find more utility later on for wood / trees.

You are correct with micro-txns…there is similar level of TXN as with “mining” + “certain amount of petting”… probably best to launch in gotchichain.


Sorry going off topic.
A micro idea; we could add literal layers you can turn on/off while running through the gotchiverse.
We could have multiple floors with just gardens or specific things. I originally thought the citadel was going to have skyscrapers and I was wondering how do we create skyscrapers in a top-down view game? Now I’m thinking of being able to cycle through layers/floors of parcels.
There’s certain games which use this mechanic with points, where you need enough credits/points to access these either invisible or see-through platforms/walls that are intangible until you press a button to turn it on and off which is part of the gameplay.
Or like the AVP predator mask it also uses layers that changes textures on the enemies. You can cycle through red, green, white which changes vision. Assassin’s Creed also uses eagle vision which makes everything go grey and makes certain objects and enemies glow so you can focus better. Eagle vision was originally used to track footprints.
But anyway yeah for Aavegotchi I’m thinking of using multiple layers/floors on your parcel to be able to handle skyscrapers without making everything look like a mess for the player. I mean you could use this to have ghosts go through walls they can see clearly, but liquidators can’t see the walls and certain objects like aavegotchis can.


I think, we have a lot of land in gotchiverse. It will be hard enough to find function for land we have now. What gives value to land is scarcity, and for this to happen, you need find a way to utilise land:

  • You need great alchemica economy - this will increase demand for land, as alchemica is locked within it
  • You need to have more option how to build up your land, and these options need to compete with one another. More “land” utilisation, more demand for land as there is only so much stuff you can put on land.

If you put something in layers (skyscreaper)_…you increase land availibility (because verticallity) and so decrease land value (you have more land suddenly)

…so at this point, when value of land decreasing, i dont think this would be good idea.


I really like the part about replanting trees from the garden to your land, it’s awesome!

Here’s an idea I had in mind, but i haven’t finished all the details yet.

After lunch at the Aarena,we got a new feature not so long ago, delivered by our lovely PixelCraft devs, with the temporary stat boosts and hp/stamina dranks.
And it triggered the idea I had 2 years ago :sweat_smile:
I think it’s time(since Rikige start it) to introduce Greenhouses in Aavegotchi.

Aavegotchi Greenhouse are warm and comfortable in the game, you can get rest after a battle(by locking up ur gotchi in activity, hp regen increases), have some meditative farming therapy by taking care of your plants, pots and trees.

Greenhouse is an instalation on your parcel, that gives access to the interface in the game(same as Forge, but requires you to have a parcel with installation to be able to get access to it’s UI)
Each Greenhouse will have 9 lvl’s, where each lvl of Gaarden will give you an alveolus. It will start from 1(lvl 1) to 9(lvl 9).

Only one garden per wallet.
1-2 lvl 1x1 installation 1-2 alveolus
3-4 lvl 2x2 installation 3-4 alveolus
5-9 lvl 3x3 installation 5-9 alveolus

Greenhouse will be used by Summoners of Aavegotchis, where some of the gotchis will be busy with different activities in order to plant and harvest different kinds of veggies, fruits, berries, flowers, it’s leaves or/and roots, depending on the type plant, gotchi farmer stats, items(Where’s my saw? Need some timber!) as well as their farming skills.

Everything will begin from digging the dirt, where the gotchi will be locked up for a period of time, depending on gotchis stats, items and gardening skills.

A gotchi will get locked in order to dig the soil in the Greenhouse, to make one alveolus to be ready to work with. Each alveolus occupies one gotchi for a period of time.

Then we will proceed to the seeds, which will be unknown, same as portals, where the outcome of the seed will be known only after germination/planting/vegetation period(vrf+gardening skill in the next generations of seeds)

Seeds will be sold through GMB.

Now, the seeds will be planted.
Each growing stage of the seed will require different amounts of Alchemica and glitter, which will depend on the seeds and the stage of it’s growth.
However, spending Alchemica and glitter, with locking up the gotchi, is compulsory.

Different gotchis will handle the tasks differently, which could affect the outcome of the task with regard to the results or time spent/required.

Different gotchis will gain gardening skills differently, based on the gotchi stats, time, and Alchemica spent(especially from spillovers), which will affect the future growing processes.

Each growing stage will have a chance of random negative effects(chainlink vrf+gotchi gardner skill+time locked+token spendings), like a plant/root sickness, insects or parasites, weather and etc.

To cure it, extra time will be needed and/or extra items, or items in hand, or extra tokens (to be discussed)

When we are on the blooming/maturing/fruit stage, we will be able to decide what we going to do with the plants in the end.
Different plants will have different utilities and it’s ways or restrictions on their reproduction.

Let’s have a look at the examples with the eatables(fruits/berries/veggies)
Time for harvest is limited.
Time to decide what to do with the harvest (fruits/berries/veggies itself) is limited, because after a while, it’ll get wasted/rott , if this is not what we want, then we will have to plan ahead.
Here’s a list of options we have :

  1. To cook it(no seed comes out) for temporary brs increases (with the limit of food that could be eaten by 1 gotchi).
  2. Preserve it (no seed comes out)(for ex. Dry it, to be able to store it for unlimited time, and increase or decrease its effects)
  3. Or we can try to get seeds (chainlink vrf+gardening skill).

Thank you for the feedback. I implemented some ideas to my original version. It seems very ambition now, and probably have to be divided between more releases.


Some details to be determined but this is a home run idea. Great work fren.

This will position us to claim impact far beyond our internal ecosystem and demonstrate how metaverses can indeed sync game, social and impact mechanics all in one go. Let’s lead from the front frens.


Harvest of the tree, can’t make u replant it, cuz for me harvest=cur to gain its resources.
You can dig it out, if want to sell or replant, n we gotta have pots for that :slight_smile:

Let’s keep ir for the Greenhouses mate, cuz i feel like, garden with trees r cool trees, and if u wanna hug em that’s fine, but imagine hugging tomatoes or more violent, raspberries :laughing:

So, as i fet it, it’s ui preset of the recipes that you choose, then you pay it’s price? I thought we could follow same path as Dr.Wagmi do, as it’s already on the go. But why not, sounds more fair and widly avaliable.

This is tooo OP, and boring. All the growing processes becoming a few mouse clicks. I’m against the speedups for trees n plants. There is no soul. It’s a tree, alive. Not a building…

I can’t really see the purpose of it. But as @Hardkor mention in the dao chat for this thread, we could think of kinship banking, and then, the while garden idea becomes alive.
My add on his though was like a new gotchi slot, that would add on some kinship that this particular tree could collect + could be a condition to hold the tree in the inventory / add on for backgrounds.
Spent kinship cant be extracted, but only burnt.

I’m sorry, but seems naive to me, like we are on the mdma all the time or something, to feel so about it :sweat_smile:

If this is going to bring irl impact, I like it.


But we definitely need to cut out speedups from gltr, just use it for the soil before u plant/grow ur tree. Or gltr will be already in the scheme of the recipes.

So, staking gotchi on the task, will earn him 1 point on each number of time? Recalculate sounds a bit more difficult, then a preset of rules/requirements for this or that tree/plant.

This is my original idea, and the whole thing is that, after the task, gotchi is exhausted, if not, then if it’s a lock of period of time, it’s also occupied at the time when he could channel.

Yes! Yeees, my frend!

No, pls, no more unlimited inflationary things.

If the tree/herb then u can try to crop, and clone. But i would move herbs to the Greenhouse, and then try out the seed idea.

They must become one, to deserve it, via vrf+skills. Imo ofc.

Luv it.

Nice storm, Rikige!

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I actually love yout feedback. I will incorporate some into v3. Will try to provides spots in v3, where DAO should decide how to do stuff…I think, you are onto something with no “gltr”.

Please could you explain me, what do you mean by KINSHIP banking, i dont quite get it.

You dont like hugging trees? :smiley:

I could be a bit sharp, but that’s my style. I’m the same irl, kinda Chad(except health, by now) xD

No no no no no

I’m on it
Spend all the tokens
Tons of em
Burn em all or go to dao or whatever
But no speedups for trees brah

Trees are alive, make gotchis busy
Take em out of aaltairs, pls

Don’t take the soul out of trees with speedups aka PC provided to the buildings

It’s cool to speed up the Garden build itself, cuz it’s instalation

As I see, garden will have it’s own ui, same as forge, where u choose ur tree, lock 1x1= 2 gotchis, 2x2 gotchis = 4, etc, depends on how big us ur tree (but formula is yet to be discussed) to hug em if it’s what u want to feed the tree with, but even if with alch(gltr is considered by me as alch too), still need lock ups, cuz we need more gotchis out of portal/market which is should be our main way of thinking, cuz Gotchis is a backbone of AaveGotchi, it’s not a AaveVersi with the intention for just instalations n looks.

We shall think from the Gotchi biz for first of all, then economy, then fancy adds.

Am I not right? :slight_smile:

@HARDKOR We gotta brainstorm possible trees kinship banking
From my vision, gotchi sacrificing it’s 1kin, each time they hug the tree, by giving them it’s love.
I were thinking that different trees, with it’s different lvls, yeah, lets make trees to be able to grow old / aging mechanic, to be able to contain N of kinship that could be sacrificed for them.
Then I were thinking about the ways of using that kinship from tree, by placing them in gotchi inventory, new slot or background :thinking:

Kinship is given as a buff, it’s not transferable, not obtainable.
If the tree dies, kinship is gone.
Does the dead/killed tree gives us xp in exchange? Dunno. Could be too OP.

Hey Guys, just deployed Final version of “Botanica update”, ready to be presented to DAO. Its more refined idea with closed gameplay loops. Hopefully you like it guys, I know, I would play shit ton out of it.

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I support this idea broadly! I’d probably put it through a “simplicity filter” to make it more easily digestible and intuitive for the average user, but I am sure this will happen naturally as you develop the idea and receive feedback from different corners.

As a non-dev, some of what you propose already sounds difficult based on technical limitations, but there’s definitely better suited experts such as PC to comment on what and cannot be implemented in this idea.

Overall, I am bullish on a project by @Rikige and @ArtCore as you guys are among the best-intentioned folks I’ve met yet in this DAO.


What a fun idea! This is clearly very thoughtful. I love the idea of developing further skills for our gotchis. I think this would capture a type of player that enjoys farming and crafting while adding depth to our overall ecosystem. This is very Gotchiverse specific, so it would be quite dependent on Pixelcraft which can be a challenge given their bandwidth and aggressive roadmap. This underscores why we were so excited for SDKs. Overall, I hope to see you guys continue to develop this!



My Add-ons:

Each of Alchemica will have it’s own purpose:

FUD is the first layer of Garden - Flora - opens up opportunity to prepare the ground to discover rich Soil underneath. Ground that didn’t receive any care for it yet, and it’s filled with lots of FUD, because “weeds grow faster than grass”. That’s why FUD will be spend everywhere and all the time.

FOMO is a black soil - Humus - that is rich with nutrients in it. Plants and trees love it, so they are going to be hungry for FOMO.

Obviously, ALPHA is water. Life needed element of any Botanica. Expect it’s daily needs to be fed.

KEK is extra nutrients, growth booster, or pesticide in some cases.

I would like to combine this two in on group - Plants

Kitchen installation - Fruits + vegs = Cooking skills
Lab installation - Herbs + berries = Brewery skills

Vulnerable moments:

This consumes the entire humble parcel = no Altair. In here, I were thinking that if minimum 4x4 to grow 1 tree, why shouldn’t we start from it? Cuz if Humbles will have no Altar, not even talking about farming on it = no Alch income to spend on Garden, to get potential products for Baazaar or for Summoners own purposes.

This is sounds like a stick in the wheel.
Me, same as many others, have more then 1 gotchi, or 1 land.
The rule of different wallets that Must to interact with garden to make you able to harvest, make no sense, because we could easily spread gotchis to 5 wallets (yeah, pain in the…) and still get what we can get, without that rule. Other people will easily bot it. I don’t this this mechanic in need, that so easy to violate.

If we want parties, with superchats, in the verse, lets go for something like this:

To get the seed out of the tree, we need gotchis to come and shake the tree, to get a chance to get the seed. Imagine Oak… How many gotchis needed to shake the Oak, A LOT. We need a crowd, not just a rule to be met and fulfilled.
And we still can keep the rule to be remain with Wallet + Gotchi ID.
Also, the tree could have it’s own criteria to be met, like Number of Interactions/Blocks*Rarity of the tree = % of getting a chance to get a seed of that tree.
I don’t see the reason to make it difficult for harvest. U gotta get an AXE, to cut down the tree :smiley:
But the seeds, yeah, this is must not to be easy, as I think.
Cut the tree = no seed, but wood
Schematics made of paper = need wood (funny though for Forge)

In addition to that, we could think of potential kinship sink \ rebalance through Carbon Credits.
Only CC Trees could receive the love, and accumulate it’s own kinship. By giving love to that trees, owners of the trees could give Alch or Seed in exchange. Cuz just making them proud is not enough to bring the value to our investors in the protocol = Nori have it’s profit - Aaveegotchi don’t (just proud, unfair).
CC Trees could be deposited in Gotchis inventory, to boost kinship with CC Tree with it accumulated kinship.
There could be a formula of giving kinship to the tree. Lower kinship gotchis will give lower kinship to the tree.
So, we could make it desirable through this, if it’ll be accepted, then we can discover formula and the options for this idea.

  • Aging will have it’s place to be here in the matter of the Kinship cap

Our version 3 need to hear DAO voice about the certain things:

Kinship sinks \ rebalance and boosts through that.
And all of the other ideas, thoughts or criticism.

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Forest grows, Forest remember…
Given love, never fades away, but it makes the Tree to miss the attention, and the tree could even get sick.
Love your trees, spread your love, and your Forests will always stay healthy, and reward you, when the time has come…


There is yesterdays presentation:

Link to the DAO call with Rikige and me on the stage:

Discord discussion thread:


Wee need playing on " mobile "