Gotchi can stake for frens

I recommend that we should give some mechanism for gotchi holder can use their gotchi to stake for frens. That is wonderful because it encourages people to use ghst to buy gotchi and open port instead of just holding ghst. This also increases the value of gotchi itself as well as ghst, and makes the owner more love their gotchi.
The number of frens that a gotchi can stake depending on the weekly subject of the game. For example, this week the gotchi with good brain points can stake more, and next week the gotchi with low rarity with stake more. That uncertain characteristics help the game more interesting and make more connecting between host and their pets as well as make the owner of the low rarity pets want to keep their pets.


i like this idea
except i think they should pay small ghst rewards on the note of better dispersion of ghst rewards for rarity farming. on the caveat that they are now permanently staked to the nft and perhaps readded to the pool when the gotchi changes hands… this is how you get diamond hand gotchi gang… believe in the power of the diamond hands!.
if your here you already know. more people need to understand live. the power is in the bond…
love truth and wisdom