Frenly Games - Season 1

Hi All

Been diving into gotchiverse and keep getting sucked in for more. Idea was to buy 1 gotchi and some ghst in case it makes it big. Upto 4 now with 50k invested and still want more. Anywho some thoughts.

I would like to propose a poor mans version of games. Current rarity farming and raffles are highly skewed towards OGs or early holders. The whole point of the game is to be frenly, and this is not very frenly and more than gotchi haunts and this is impeding new people to join in.

I would like to propose a season of frenly games. Something along the lines below, would be happy to flesh it out into a proposal and add more based on suggestions. I am sure you all think about this too when trying to increase engagement especially those who are still relatively “poor” compared to early adopters. Considering we are page #400 on coingecko, I think we are still early so we need to make the game economics much more feasible.

Frenly Games


  1. Each season of frenly games will be open to all users - regardless of holdings, even to those that hold 0 gotchis. If you are on matic, you can play.

  2. Pet a gotchi. Allow users to pet other gotchis. Each time you pet a gotchi you are rewarded with 1 GHST and the Gotchi owner is rewarded with 1000 frens (numbers are open to change but you get the idea). Gotchi owners decide if they will open up their gotchis for external petting. To incentivize owner participation, the fren or kinship incentives should be bumped up.

  3. One obvious problem with the above is bots and users that may use many different accounts to pet other gotchis. To mitigate this, everyone who wants to be able to pet a gotchi for free money, must be accepted via a visitor pass (new token). Visitor passes will be limited and non-transferable. you must stake 10 ghst for 30 days to be eligible.

  4. A visitor pass holder will apply for the petting job to the gotchi owner - this can be done onchain, its like an offer for a token. Once approved the visitor pass owner may only pet gotchis they have been approved for. Every application will require 1ghst burnt and you can only apply for up to 10 gotchis at a time.

The above is not perfect, but a start. Eliminates the need of bots, and brings that mechanism in game with actual users. They will be hunting for gotchis to pet.

Walk a gotchi

  1. All of the above, but with a twist. Instead of petting, add a new mechanism for Walk a gotchi. They get tired and they need excersice.
  2. Visitors will click on walk a gotchi and in return this will reward the walker. The reward for this comes out from the gotchi owners wallet. They can advertise for gotchi walkers, and once a bid is accepted the gotchi cannot be sold or modified or used for any other thing e.g. rarity farming (is essentially locked) for x amount of days.
  3. Thirty day training walk will yield 10xp, 60 day 20 etc. Numbers can be bumped up.
  4. This will make gotchi owners pay gotchi walkers - circular economy, once the walker has enough money, they can buy their own.

Meme a gotchi

  1. Basic game with Gotchi memes.
  2. Memes with the highest shares and engagements on twitter wins.
  3. I propose the newly formed WTF comittee votes on the top memes / social media shares.
  4. Winner gets a gotchi, a badge or ghst.

We can add more games - but we need to increase engagement from those who have a barrier to entry. I understand more features are in development but some of these especially #3 is quite easy.

This is a very rough draft, I would be happy if someone wants to take this idea and run with it (would actually prefer it).


I think those are great ideas.

An argument against, however, could be that the team is hard at work on the Realm, and that these new mechanics could be distracting to that core goal.

I think these are cool ideas, but bots are still a problem for the first two games as you describe. Won’t people on this forum send 10 GHST to as many wallets as possible to claim the rewards? However you let non-holders know about this scheme, people who already have GHST and are reading all this will exploit it to no end first. And people will just walk their own gotchis for the XP from another account so the pay goes to them.

Game 3 could be done any time, though.


I like these ideas and think this is a suitable place to get the ball rolling on possibilities. We don’t need to rush to implementation while the team continues to prioritize the metaverse launch, but come initial launch time it would be nice to have more posts like these so gameplay could have a headstart

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I really like the idea. Number 2 resonated with me the most

Could probably be built into an NPC in the Realm when the team has time. I could imagine a free player being only able to spawn in ‘the paaark’ or something where they can interact with an NPC to take gotchis for walks. To make things even more interesting maybe the walks could actually be some sort of mini-game that is engaging. If we don’t want them to play mini games here they could also walk around the Gotchiverse but not be able to collect any alchemica or something so the new users can get some exposure to the gotchiverse. Or maybe they could have the option to pick either way? just throwing up ideas.

To mitigate people gaming the system you could be randomly allocated a gotchi from the pool of Gotchis that were dropped at The Paaark by their owner when you interact with the NPC. That or burn a fraction of the GHST at the same time so it becomes less viable to try and game the system.

Probably would be a good mechanic for the GHST/Gotchi whales to fund new users coming in. I’m nowhere near a whale but would still pay a few GHST to give my gotchi a tiny bit of XP, even if I had to lock it up for a while or something.

The meme option is also great and easy to implement as mentioned above.

Great ideas electo!