Gotchi Sports Network

Gotchi Folks,

It is wonderful that the DAO is getting its due now and being organized in a way that looks forward 1, 5, 10 years. We can now look at what emergent opportunities this allows. How can we develop player created industries in the Gotchiverse? How can the gotchiverse become a leading degen destination?

I’d like to start a discussion on something fun and at the heart of every gaming community.


Specifically, the creation of a Gotchi Sports Organization that is responsible for promoting and managing sport events in the Gotchiverse.

It would work with developers to host game jams and manage leaderboards, with the DAO to secure prize money funding, and with content creators to announce/advertise/spread the word and cover events (live pvp streaming & replay archive), and maybe provide a mechanism for 0 extraction (OK not 0, but low, just to fund the DAOs contribution to GSO) betting. It could also engage gotchi fam artists to create trophies and PaoPs, facilitate gotchi musicians to integrate tracks into gameplay & streams, etc.

Much of this can be an emergent layer on top and separate from PC involvement, yet even the fundamental narrative game play of PCs vision could also be more effectively advertised, rolled out and attended with a dedicated Gotchi Sports Organization.

On any given week there could be several competitions organized by any number of game devs, guilds, third parties (think co-marketing with other metaverses), etc.

In short, let the builders build, the DAOers DAO and let the gamers GAME.

There is much discussion to be had about what roles would be necessary for this to be an ongoing success. Aligning incentives is likely the only way to insure long term development. How big could this become…who knoes/



Sign me up ser. Anything can be a sport, if you have the right announcer :wink:

I’d like to see a character introduced to the gotchiverse, called the Black Swan, and it would randomly cause calamity during competitive events, thoroughly disrupting the proceedings for the enjoyment of the onlookers.

Also - gotchi sports should be closer to Japanese physical comedy game shows than actual sports.