Understanding Gotchi Guardians

Hey frens,

I’ve seen quite a few questions circling around PC’s proposed game of Gotchi Guardians. I thought it might be nice to collect the questions and concerns here and create a frenly space for discussion.

Judging by recent DAO activity, it seems that the community is quite eager to have some game(s) being developed for their beloved gotchis. With the proposal to turn off the Curve, there will be quite a bit of capital unlocked, too. What I hope for is these funds to work to benefit asset holders and GHST investors. What I am hoping to achieve with this thread is a better understanding as to how Gotchi Guardians (GG) will work in everyone’s benefit.

Questions from the Community

Will we be able to use our actual gotchis in GG? If so, in what context will we be using them?

How will the current BRS meta enmesh with GG gameplay? Will GL gotchis feel GL? More details on how the game meta scales with gear / BRS.

Are trait mappings and wearable bonuses going to apply for this game?

How will GG serve the current five ERC-20 tokens? Ideas of token sinks, in game purchases, etc are warmly welcomed.

Is there a rewards system for this game planned? If so, what is it? Play-to-earn, leaderboards, etc.

How does GG plan to earn revenue and how does the revenue earned benefit the community?

These are the questions I’ve seen circling around. Please comment and add your own to the thread and hopefully we can get an AMA with PC (or at very least detailed answers here!)

Thank you so much and looking very much forward to learning more about PC’s foray into mobile gaming with GG (it is a mobile game, right?)


What is a game on the same engine, that you would compare GG to? Is this like CS?

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We’re being pretty quiet about GG until we’ve actually done a playtest of the game mechanics (current WIP) but here’s some generalities I think are probably fairly safe to confirm (but could change after we actually experience the playtest):

Absolutely. However, we’re planning to implement a form of “gasless offchain lending” where others can use your Gotchi to play, and you will earn a % of whatever tokens they earn in-game. There’ll be a whole writeup on that later.

Absolutely. So as not to reinvent the wheel, we’re planning to use a lot of the balancing work ongoing with Gotchiverse/Aarena. Powerful Gotchis will definitely feel powerful.

Alchemica/GLTR will be the cornerstone of all IAPs in the game. But to prevent it becoming too P2W, there’ll be guardrails on spending, and players can decide in advance the “budget” they want to allow to be spent per game.

Our main concern for GG isn’t revenue, it’s creating an exciting environment where people are spending Alchemica to compete against each other. Having said that, we’ll likely take a smol cut of Alch/GLTR/GHST spent in-game, and I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t accrue to the DAO as well, in typical Circle of Win fashion.

As for the game itself, it’s a mobile (cross-platform, actually) survival game where you play as your Gotchi to defeat wave after waves of Lickquidators. Unlike most survival/TD games though, Lickquidators are spawned by human players, not the computer. And real funds will potentially be at stake. If the Gotchis leak and the Licks destroy the Great Portal, they lose. If the Gotchis manage to survive against the Lick waves, they win.

Pretty simple concept, but a lot of room for strategy creativity, especially with some other base mechanics we have planned.

That’s about all I’m comfortable saying at this point though, as we haven’t done a full playtest of the prototype yep, and things could change if we decide that the above isn’t fun enough.

Happy to answer more questions once we’re a bit further along, but I hope that helps a bit!


This is all great news thank you for the quick and detailed response! My fears of a spinoff are assuaged. I eagerly await more information on the developments :smiley:

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I am kind of a crypto newbie. So i am unfamiliar with this term. What does “Circle of Win” mean?

40% PC / 60% DAO

That is in regards to the post Curve split. IDK if this would actually fall under that. Thanks for the info because now i have more of an idea what the term means :+1: Now I just need to know what percentage of this Circle of Win will the DAO get.