Focusing on Key Issues

There’s a lot going on so I thought it might be helpful to summarize key issues to help us stay focused.

As a DAO, we are currently working with PC on several important Gotchiverse issues:

  1. Will we keep spillover paused, and if so, how long and under what conditions will it be restarted?
  2. Will we allow Gotchi owners to reset their 24-hour channeling windows so channeling is spread out throughout the day rather than being cluster at midnight UTC?

In addition:

  1. Decisions need to be made about a) the DAI / GHST swap so PC can cover Gotchiverse fiat expenses & b) any contribution to the Gotchi sail for marketing.
  2. There are quite a few interesting ideas in In-Game Alchemica Sink Suggestions. Once the dust from the spillover has settled, it would be great to consolidate those ideas somehow and figure out what’s viable.
  3. There are questions about the cost / ROI for some structures (Something Ain’t Right with Installation Upgrades)

Anything else that’s super-urgent?



The main issue this game needs to solve is how do we get people to play this game for reasons other than profit? let’s be real, that’s the main reason people are playing a game that is basically picking up pennies and nickels in a metaverse right now. The vast majority are not playing this game because it’s fun or because of community. This reality extends to gotchi and land owners, i think if we’re hones,t most of us are involved because of the possibility of huge profits.

How can you solve this? Obviously by making the game fun. Making it so that while people’s primary motive is still to make $, there’s a secondary benefit that they’re actually enjoy it as a video game that is competitive, strategic, and fun. We need to do this sooner rather than later. We can achieve this by tapping into one of the other core traits of people who love crypto: Degeneracy. Crypto people love making money and they love to gamble. We can tap into this degenercay and solve a boatload of problems by making this game competitive…You play not just to win…but if you play and lose, that should cost you while benefiting someone else. How to achieve this?

Those 5 minutes in the gotchiverse weeks ago when pvp was accidentally turned on was legendary. A total hit! Let people rob each other for their alchemical. Also, make it so that if you want to be able to shoot hearts you have to sacrifice some alchemical…say .1 tokens for every heart you shoot. Smarter people than me can hammer out the details. BENEFITS:

  1. Way more fun, rewards skill and strategy
  2. Bots will get rekted
  3. Shooting will be another sink for alchemica
  4. Guild play will probably play a huge role.
  5. the devs already have the basic foundation in place!
  6. People may actually play not necessarily expecting to always profit!


  1. We supposed to be frenly. To that I say, this is gotchi culture…gotchis are very mischievous and this is just fun to them rather than felonious behavior.
  2. Perhaps too complicated for devs?
  3. withdrawing alchemica at a vortex makes you a sitting duck until transaction goes through?
  4. some scholars will be upset cause the introduction of higher skill and strategy will rekt some while mooning profits for others.

come on, doesn’t this is sound awesome? The fundamental problem of people selling tokens and causing price to drop just seems like it’ll continue on and possibly get worse even when harvesters and resevoirs come online. Allowing pvp also opens up the possibility of more sinks (using alcehmica to upgrade health or heart power).

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Good. That’s called a game, ser :smiley:

the Aarena is by far the thing I am most looking forward to.

You could put a 16 gotchi DMZ around the vortexes, to make it a little less ridiculous.