Greetings gotchi gaang. As stewards of web3 it would be aavesome to create a charitable donations task force to help those less fortunate than ourselves. I’m not sure if this has been brought up before but i’d like to discuss how to promote #gotchi4good or something similar. Here are some questions. I’m not affiliated with Giveth, just have a tiny bit staked, and donate regularly.

  • How can the members get involved? - Individually at giveth.io or we can pool funds to sponsor our own missions/projects here

  • When? We can vote to donate 1x to or at regular intervals/quarter to discuss what projects we want to curate, focus on. Or stake in LP and donate those rewards.

  • How long does it last? GIVstream provides a continuous flow of claimable GIV until December 23, 2026. We could plan for a longterm invest or just pick our own projects as they come up to vote

  • What kind of elements are needed to participate? A Multi-sig for the funds on Xdai or ETH main. We also might need our own projects that we would like to donate to and how to decide on what ones we pick. I’m just brainstorming with questions.

  • Does it need funds? If it does, who is accountable for them? I’d say a quarterly release with a vote to keep current distribution via Giveth.io or find/develop our own new platform that would work like snapshot or similar. I’d think only trusted longtime community members to have access, to be chosen by some kind of vote.

If you have time watch the video by the Defiant about Giveth.io and their platform for directly supporting public goods and services non-profits. They are making it profitable for individuals and organizations to give back.

The taskforce could really help people and programs of our choice that have already been “curated” by the giveth economy, or create initiatives in our local area to help those in need of FRENS like us. Check the video and if we have ideas on how to show some gotchi love to others, lets do it. I’m hapi to volunteer time to this.

100K GHST would go a long way with matching funds as well as APR if we stake GIV/ETH or donate directly to their huge number of causes. GivFarm APR details for ETH and XDAI networks here

I just finished watching a youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_MCluambbI ( on The Defiant Podcast we speak to Griff Green. Griff is one of the co-founders of giveth, a community focused on building the future of charity, using the Ethereum blockchain as its base infrastructure)

https://giveth.io/ is on ETH mainnet and XDAI/GNOSIS. LFGive!
More details on Giveth herein the docs

Teh Curve is 4 eva- tburd.eth
gotchi#7200 and moar