GHST for charity

Hi Frens,

I had this idea that some percent (e.g. 1%) of all GHST spent could go to a charity wallet.

Periodically all of the GHST in this wallet will be gifted to charity. How and which organization or for which cause could be decided regularly by the DAO (e.g. Amnesty, WWF, UNICEF, or to an individual like it was done in the Santagotchi event).
This would not only be a good deed but could also help to increase the attention Aavegotchi gets.
(We even could go as far as saying we want to achieve being a CO2 neutral project because the PoS consensus of blockchain is criticized for its large energy consumption.)

Since there is already a formula where spent GHST go to, there would be also a need to decide where to take that x percent for charity from. We could e.g. say instead of burning 33% we burn 32% and 1% goes to the charity address. But that ,of course, can also be negotiated over the DAO.
However, one downside is that those GHST are not directly being contributed to the ecosystem anymore.
Nonetheless, it could be a good idea as well for marketing as for our world.

What do you think?

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One immediate problem I see is that they don’t accept crypto. So we’d have to market sell a good chunk of GHST for this, which is obviously bad for the project as a whole. I’m also personally not a huge fan of donating to charity for publicity, happy to be convinced otherwise.

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I think you’re referring to PoW here? BTW Matic is PoS consensus, which means it’s basically just machines talking to each other to create consensus. No expensive, wasteful mining involved.


I just ignored the fact, that they don’t accept crypto and naively thought there would be a way to persuade them to make an official public key xD. But in the end you are right, it would result in the same outcome, that a good chunk of GHST would be sold.

I understand and share your concerns. Of course, we could not “publicize” this at all. But I guess then there would be no support for this idea at all.
In the end, no one could neglect the fact that we are indeed doing something good by donating (besides some people could argue that the concept of donating at all is no good) even if we do this for publicity.

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Yeah, my mistake was referring to PoW.
Still Matic occasionally needs to save the checkpoints to the main chain. But I guess this is neglectable.

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