Gotchiboard Survey Results

Hey frens, wasn’t sure where else to post this buts here’s the results from the Gotchiboard survey:

Here’s the main highlights:

  • People enjoyed round 1 multipliers the most with 48% of the votes. I think this was due to it incentivising some early spending and making comebacks expensive. Round 1 finished with a dramatic comeback in the closing minutes so it definitely made for some interesting tactics.

  • The community agreed 80k GHST was the right size of prizepool, getting 80.8% of the votes

  • The majority of people (63.5%) agreed that 50 paid places felt “about right”

  • GHST is the most popular reward token with 58% voting for it

  • The community was pretty split between how often the Alchemica Competitions should be run. 28.8% voted for “Every quarter” and then both “Every month” and “Twice a year” got 23.1% f the votes. As “Every quarter” got the most votes and was between the other 2 most popular options I think we proceed with that.

  • The most popular feature requests were “Leaderboard statistics/graphs” and “Live updating data” getting 48.1% and 26.9%.

  • In terms of new leaderboards, “GLTR spending” and “District spending” were the most popular with 21.2% of the votes and “Aarena combat data” was third with 17.3%.

Thanks again to everyone who took part in the survey. Your feedback, insights and suggestions have been incredibly valuable and I am currently putting together a plan to use this data to improve the product and launch more competitions in the future✌️


Wowow what a great competition and alchemica burn! Is there also data to see somewhere of the total alchemica spent and GHST equivalent?

Some other important data would be how much alch was spent on installations that facilitate inflation vs how much was spent on stuff that does not facilitate inflation.

@CryptoGotchi @notorious_BTC the most popular feature request was a statistics section for the leaderboards so im going to prioritise that in the next round of development. It will back date all the previous weeks so once thats up it should answer both your queries.

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looking forward to seeing that sweet sweet burn