Gotchiverse Bible Chapter 4 Discussion

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If the fireball is a fireball, this is most definitely a lightning bolt, not a sign.

Ranged weapon with chain lightning ability, fo sho.


What does unlimited really mean here? The other things are 2x2, so are the unlimited items 1 square?

**EDIT: these questions were answered - **

The unit of measure in verse, is 1 gotchisize

Lodges are 5x5
Walls are 1x1
Everything else so far, is 2x2


I wonder if it will be possible to upgrade the installation WITHOUT INSTALLING it on the land? if not, then the market for installations in the baazaar will be completely sluggish, it will not be possible to buy, for example, a aaltar lvl 6 for GHST immediately. it means low baazaar fee and vol. And if it is possible, then it is not clear how it will be implemented …


I am concerned about the installation limits per parcel- specifically the haarvester installation limits. It seems to be a bit limiting in terms of play strategy, and I suppose I’m not understanding how it helps the balance of the game.

If a player wants to focus primarily on haarvesting on a parcel, it makes sense that they would maximize their space with L1 haarvesters perhaps paired with a higher level reservoir. This is because L1 haarvesters achieve ROI faster and are more capital efficient than upgrading existing haarvesters. At some point, they are limited on the space and must upgrade.

I understand the benefits this has for the value of GLTR and the newly announced Maaker installations - as it forces players to level up existing harvester rather than build out new L1 harvesters. But I feel this limitation on play style is unnecessary to balance the game. Parcels are already limited by their physical size, why is this additional restriction needed on top?

I welcome any thoughts, especially would like to hear if I’m missing in some way how these limits would help game balance in ways that I might not be seeing.


Tossing lightning arrows at Lickquidators! I can see it. Got me picturing a Zeus Godlike set now!

& it’s limit per parcel type. so i suppose one could theoretically fill a whole parcel up with walls or nft art if they really wanted to lmao.

One thing I wanted to point out is that Thaave’s Hammer is a melee weapon yet provides +1 BRN. Makes total sense for it to be a melee weapon but it definitely works well for rarity farming on many gotchis that are high brain stat who are thus better suited for range. Perhaps it could have an active ability that is ranged such as lightning or hammer toss. idk if there will be active abilities but that would make it a cool hybrid weapon :man_shrugging:


+BRN Melee weapons are off hand weapons for dual wielders. You Pump the bow but have the Hammer if they get too close. Pistol + Hammer would be boss move.

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One fren’s artifact is another fren’s healthy edible :wink:

Cyborg eye as a ranged weapon?
Hammer as a ranged weapon?
Lightning bolt as a ranged weapon?

Chapter 4 is dope!


it does make sense if you compare it to farming on ground. you can not plant stuff too close to eachother because the ground only has limited supply for them to feed off. Different plants require different amounts of certain elements. and therefore the limit

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It does look like a lightning flash indeed. but the fact that its called ‘Up Arrow’ makes your idea arguable imo. Also a ‘Fireball’ does imo fit in for a classic in-game weapon/way of attacking. On the other hand; have never seen a game where they had an arrow as weapons.

But this is only for the name that im not a big fan of ur idea. Visually, yes i agree that it looks like lightning

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i’m also a little confused about the “unlimited*” part. I’m not sure if the installations vary a lot in size, i do suppose so. So perhaps a visualisation of how much space each would take up on a parcel would clear that up.

Great move by PC today to bring Chapter 4. perfect timing imo


A simple document with everything to scale, next to each other, on a humble parcel, would be extra helpful.


Agreed- I think I know that 16 harvesters would fit on a humble parcel, but I’m just inferring that from some various screenshots of sample installations from stress tests and whatnot- would be great to get clarification on that.


Quick clarification I think might be needed- chapter 4 states: “By default a player is able to upgrade one Installation at a time.” I am assuming this is meant to mean one installation per parcel, at a time, no? And “player” refers to the owner of the parcel/installation - not the player as in the gotchi, I assume?

Suggested wording might be “By default, only one installation per parcel can be upgraded at any given time.”


I was waiting that GB4 will contain information about % spilled alchemica from harvesters, reservoirs and about radius alchemica is spilled from the harvesters, reservoirs and aaltar. hope we get this information before the auction 3


limit of 128 harvesters is for all types of alchemica or for one? I believe that for everyone in general and I think that then it is already better to change the limit to 32 harvesters for the extraction of each alchemica. Imagine that everyone will start building 128 KEK harvesters on their spacious land and the price of KEK will collapse. And if we are not afraid of this, then why do these limits at all? then let people build 400-500 lvl 1 KEK harvesters and see what it leads to

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Size of one gotchi - the unit
Lodge is 5x5
Walls are 1
Everything else is 2x2 so far

The spacious is 32 times the size of the humble, and has on average, 80% more alchemica per square, than the humble and the reasonable.

If someone chooses to completely mine out their KEK, that is their own issue, with its own problems. Yes, they will press the market, but they are also wasting their land, as once they strip mine it, they either need to sell they installations and build other ones to get the other alch, or they are simply doing nothing until the next round.

Producing the right amount of each resource to turn a profit while having funds to upgrade and also be nimble when the market is not going your way, is the art of the game… there’s hundreds of ways to do it, and it will be different for everyone., and very expensive to experiment.

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then we do not need any harvester limits (except for the area)?

ay man the hammer is often used as a ranged weapon (examples: )
but yeah no complaints… active abilities would more than likely overcomplicate things.

really hyped about the estate system.

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Ya, some of the stat conflicted weapons and items that could have been a weapon, would fit in nicely in the middle zone, where it has a weaker alt attack(throw it or bonk with it)

Using the super unscientific method, of looking at the size of the bezels in the recipe book images, the walls are 1/64th, the lodge is 1/4, and the rest of the buildings are 1/16th, of a humble. There must be something else going on here or they wouldn’t have bothered to mention it. Maybe there’s a lil extra space?

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I do not think we do need limits on harvesters other than the physical space constraints. Emissions are already controlled via alchemica surveying and harvesting rates, which limits the amount of alchemica that can be harvested from each parcel during each act.

To me, limiting the number of harvesters per parcel this greatly feels like an unnecessary constraint that limits play style.