Humble Plot Treasury shelfing for next land sale

Written in the form of a proposal. Please be gentle. Its my first time >.<

Currently prospective buyers of Humble plots have been in a predicament. While anticipating land to be the sole asset class that one would want to purchase for future development, many owners are finding that they dont see the time investment and installation investment into these plots a viable choice at this point in the game play.

My proposal is to offer a 1 time shelfing of Humble lands back into the an auction pool for a later implementation of land sales. I would suggest that an auction credit of 50 GHST per Humble be offered.


  1. This frees up GHST that will be reinjected into the Gotchiverse in other forms (installations on other lands, wearables, gotchi purchases etc).

  2. Land is still held for implementation at a later date thru the auction mechanism and no Humble land will be burnt/left stagnant for current gameplay.

  3. This is an active Treasury use of GHST that is sitting idle. Bringing GHST from stale Humble plots back into the economy is good for the ecosystem


  1. Price of 50 GHST could be a possible excessive drain on Treasury reserves. This buyback mechanism could backfire and have people leave the ecosystem as they dont believe Humbles will be viable land and not reinject the GHST back into current gameplay.

  2. This could raise the entry threshold for new players - removal of these plots could eventually cause a price surge on land (Reasonable/Spacious) on the Bazaar.

  3. When are Humbles going to be a viable land option? This could delay any auction as they may not sell until farther into gameplay. This would have the treasury then take on the risk for “holding the bag” until then.

Some caveats -

If you have built on the Humble - no installation credit will be given - the next owner would be able to collect your installations and you would only be able to redeem for 50 GHST

We would not want to see this mechanism abused so we would need to lock the sale of Humbles before this went live to stop resellers grabbing plots below 50 GHST (if the bazaar had any listed).

I have a counter proposal. What if I were to offer 1 ghst for every humble. The parcels would be redeemable afterwards for 50 ghst, netting me a 49 ghst profit. There could be a smartcontract managing the deal. I would built cosmetics on the parcels to make the gotchiverse in general more attractive.

If you don’t want your humble parcels anymore list them on the Baazaar.

There is no good reason to dump them on the DAO treasury.

Remember we took out GHST from the DAO treasury for funding Rarity Farming Season 4. We still need to pay back the DAO treasury for that, not steal more to bail out people that don’t want their Aavegotchi NFTs anymore.


Hello guys,

So I love the assumption that this is a prop that is being posted to help me. Couldn’t be more off.

I have tried to postulate with this as my outcome.

Land sales for our Metaverse were speculative. The main auction seems to have favored those that purchased higher sized land (reasonable and spacious plots.

Humbles went for some higher than anticipated valuations for what they are currently seeking on the market. I only took what market pricing was to offer the buy back. This has been seen as WAY too high - my mistake :slight_smile:

I’m ok to take a few punch’s from the DAO on this.

The thought process was, these humbles will be valuable in later aspects of this game. People are not developing them from the channeling production aspect.

Shelving them for another auction down the road when these are actually sought after pieces of land (due to limited land availability in the Citadel when the Wild West takes place on the grid ) could be a strategy for later game play. Everyone seems to be willing to want to offer low valuations (1 Ghst please haha) on them now as they are willing to hold them for later.

We now are talking about a new use case for them (NFT displays etc) that wasn’t really talked about before. New thought processes like this will more than likely bring a higher valuation to the humbles.

In conclusion, my way too high valuation rubbed everyone the wrong way, the thought process of pulling back in the unwanted humbles to reintroduce at a later auction date when the grid plots are released was where I was going with it.

Was fun writing it. Obviously need to work on my articulations :slight_smile:



I just want to say thanks for bringing an idea to the table. It’s healthy for us to think about all of our options as we move forward with NFT distributions. For example, I would like mythicals and godlikes to be excluded from the next wearables auction. This would be a new approach for us. We should acknowledge market demand before making significant supply changes. Keep DAOing, fren!


Appreciate you putting the time in to get your thoughts out there

Your ideas are encouraged, don’t stop :slight_smile:


I literally just thought this out loud, when I saw the dashboard :smiley:

Godlikes and myths make the PVP balance pretty rekt anyways, so we have plenty, on that tip. The only way to make em functional but properly powerful, is to go AOE on them… 1 vs 1 can only get so extreme on a damage scale before things become one shot one kill from myth on up, and how many generals does an army need?