I hope to make some mechanism improvements for wearable equipment

I hope to make some mechanism improvements for wearable equipment, the following are my suggestions

  1. Increase the package sale function, buyers can save trouble, sellers can reduce GHST consumption (in addition, the equipment in the warehouse can not see the attributes, this needs to be optimized)
  2. It can add a function similar to the dressing room. Your pet can wear the existing equipment in the interview, can see whether the suit looks good, and can also see the improvement of the pet’s attributes by the equipment that is tried on. Can let users know what kind of equipment they should buy, I prefer to buy a suit, because it looks good on XD, if it is for the game, I may need to re-match the equipment according to my pet’s attributes
  3. Now many users are buying parts and equipment, just to increase the rarity of pets to participate in rarity mining, but I feel that this is not the best way to understand equipment in aavegotchi. I suggest adding sets to wearable equipment. Attributes, which not only improve the wearing effect of the suit, but also increase the overall value of the suit, because wearable suits are rare and limited
    Now these three points are not suggestions for major changes to the overall game mechanics (the third point is more controversial)
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Hi frens, just chiming in with a translation on OP’s request.

The original version was posted in Mandarin here, and seems to have been subsequently ran through Google translate, so parts of it might not be as clear. I’ve done my best to translate it a little more accurately.

  1. Add a function to purchase wearables in a set. This would be more convenient for buyers who intend to purchase all wearables of a certain set. Additionally, it would be good if we could view how each wearable modifies an Aavegotchi’s trait within the inventory - the current inventory layout does not display it.

  2. Add an interface similar to a ‘dressing room’. The idea is to allow you to try on the wearables on your Aavegotchi before you purchase it, to see how it looks, and if possible, to see how it would change your Aavegotchi’s traits. This would help users in deciding which wearables to get.

  3. Currently, a lot of users are purchasing loose wearables (ie, not part of a set), mostly to modify the traits of their Aavegotchis. But I feel that more could be done with wearables. I would suggest adding a bonus attribute for wearing a full set of wearables, from a certain set. When dressing up your Aavegotchi, it gives it a greater sense and look of completeness. It might also help increase the value of full sets in the long run.

There we go. Hope this helps.