Hire someone to build a "Dressing room"

I propose that we use DAO funds to hire someone to build a “Dressing room” application.

The purpose of the dressing room would be to be able to select between all the avalible wearables to view how it would look on your aavegotchi.

It would also contain a section where you would see what stats / brs your gotchi would have with said wearables.

What do you guys think about this ?


I really like this idea a lot.

It shouldn’t be too hard to build for an architect and would have great value.

I also suggest adding a “complete this look” button wherein you could buy the whole set with the cheapest bazaar listing and it would equip it automatically (if you have some of the pieces in your inventory then it wouldn’t buy that particular item). Also allowing to buy one item at a time would be great and would auto buy the lowest listed one.

It would give new players a great way to easily dress their gotchis and make purchases without having to navigate out of the ecosystem onto the wiki etc.

Another great feature would be to include the known wearable sets that give bonuses. You could easily pop on sushi master set and set your gotchi with the bonuses.

One more feature comes to mind: optimise gear. User could set their maximum budget or rarity and then the wardrobe would spit out the best combination for them.


A dressing room could really ease the pain of bouncing between the bazaar, wiki, and your gotchi’s inventory. Contracting this one project seems inefficient to me. Aren’t there full-time devs, already familiar with the project and code-base, that could take on the task? If they’re all booked maybe we need to use funds to hire another full-time dev, maybe one that is specifically directed by the DAO.

Would a bounty be a better option? That way the DAO isn’t taking on the risk of hiring someone (who may suck). I’m pretty new to the platform and DAO governance so feel free to fill me in if I’ve missed something. Thanks frens!

alot of great ideas here mate.

would be really cool to have like a tab for completed sets to equip, aswell as a tab for browsing wearables with regards to their color / rarity type etc.

i think the Pixelcraft devs are pretty busy working on the gotchiverse.

i like the bounty suggestion ! maybe we have someone in the community already who would be up for building something like this

This would be cool and there may actually be folks already working on it!

We recently implemented a “previewAavegotchi” function in the smart contracts, which actually makes it very easy to achieve this functionality using onchain data.

The DAO does have an enormous treasury right now that has not been put to use. If it would like to start funding great initiatives like these, one potential way forward would be to set up a Funding Committee, similar to the Frens Committee that was recently passed (which we are working on). This could work similar to the Aave Grants program that kickstarted Aavegotchi.


Love to hear this! If it’s not classified, would you care to tag those devs here so they might easily find our suggestions for consideration in this thread?

I have one more suggestion with the upcoming sideview release:
Add some mirrors in the dressing room so we can see our gotchis in 360 :wink: