I want YOU to sell me this Aavegotchi

Writers and psychologists we require your expertise. Let’s pretend I’m a whale. Let’s say one day I open my Email inbox, my chat.blockscan, my blockscan and my OpenSea account and I see a title and a message. Write me a title and a message convincing me to buy Aavegotchi.

What will I read that convinces me to invest in your project? What title do I see that convinces me to open it? What’s the first sentence and the structure that makes me want to read it for 5-10 seconds and then read some more and even look for information myself? finally what makes me strike the deal and marry your project in the first place? Sell me your ghost egg, that’s what aavegotchi means.
Write me a title and a message that does those things.


Looking forward to an answer from the new CMO :laughing:

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Let’s say we had to send a message in a month’s time. What links would you put in this message that are the most important and concise for both shrimp and whales?

For you more tech savvy I know there’s a way to add something like a seal of approval , a watermark of sorts to a message that’s easily identifiable as being the official thing?

I’d like a comprehensive list of accomplishments such as the github page and the forum’s activity as well as the price of GHST during when Doge fell hard. A nice clear list of “Here’s what you missed out on, what happened right under your nose”.

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“You can grow fkn trees in gotchiverse, and while they age, protocol spent carbon credits. I am all in on that metaverse” :smiley:

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Location based advertising at the appropriate places are great, it’s much easier to flirt with the investors to say so, much easier to convince them over a nice dinner or a nice sailboat trip. The problem is the lack of quantity.
The digital medium especially in 2023 has been amazing in letting millions of people tune in on the same channel, only problem now is there’s too many channels to filter through just like a TV. Unlike a TV though the internet contains 1.13 billion websites and there’s 114 million active Youtube channels.

So, first I’m calling all writers and psychologists to advise each other on what’s the best course of action to reach the masses and convince them to do a cascading word of mouth marketing effect. Some people want to do it, it just never crosses their minds to retweet and tell the appropriate circle about Aavegotchi.
I’d like a list with an index of Aavegotchi’s accomplishments and what newcomers can currently do to earn; Saturday spillovers, InfinityKeys, etc. something similar to my Medium article, what is your opinion on what can be improved about the way it is formatted?

In my mind we should try token airdrops with a different title every few months.
Besides the title “Aavegotchi.com” we need an eye-catching title for the blockscan token , anything that yells original, non-generic, personal. “Read me yourself”, “Solve puzzles 4 free NFTs”, “Binance Polygon NFTs” “WARNING SEC FED at your door”, several cheap networks would also be ideal for the airdrop, even a test network. The tokens in question once inspected should link to a specific message like an invitation, not the main aavegotchi webpage.

Second of all, I’m requesting all the smart contract web3 savvy devs we currently have to prepare the APIs and smart contracts to send a message to the masses on every platform; Opensea, chat.blockscan, blockscan, PoW coin addresses.
As well as lists for whales and shrimp separated by ERC20 and PoW coins.
I’d also like a piece of advice from Pixelcraft if it’s possible to put some sort of seal of approval that any person can read to confirm it’s legit to avoid future copycats of Aavegotchi.

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Love where your head is at with new marketing ideas all the time, keep it up.
My first thought with this idea (thinking as a whale) is maybe being paranoid that said message is some sort of scam or invite to yet another scheme

My radar is personally always on, every now and then I mistake a real DM as spam

However, this could be an interesting idea if we can have a secure way to distribute and verify referral codes for onboarding. Rewards could be distributed through something like ThriveCoin. A simple addition to the

Aavegotchi Bazaar UI to enter a referral code when purchasing an item or Aavegotchi for example