Aavegotchi TV show

Let’s discuss. I like the fantasy cyber world Aavegotchi has going for it, very unique. I’d like to see Aavegotchi push for more mediums other than crypto and get its own TV show. The questions are: 0) Do we help with the funding or sell the TV Show only exclusive rights to someone? 1) How would we make money from this. 2) Which talents do we hire? 3) Multiple shows or just one? 4) Who do we partner up with? Hulu, Amazon, AppleTV, Netflix, Adultswim, Crunchyroll?

We do have an Aavegotchi webseries, it’s just not very popular not because it isn’t an epic tale, but because it isn’t aired on a large channel like Netflix or Cartoonnetwork for everyone to see. There’s dumb shows like Pucca & Garu, Happy Tree Friends and Annoying Orange which caught on despite how asinine they are.

However idea wise there are some things which will always catch on more than others; cuteness, music, rule of cool, popular crossovers(Minecraft, DBZ, Naruto, Pokemon). Also apparently Spanish speakers, there are a lot of Spanish speakers. Cool stuff has its own sub groups; Kung fu fights, super powers, heists, wars. On the slightly less popular stuff we have comedy which often is done with slice of life, then we have supernatural/horror/mystery/detective/cops(Noir)(not as popular as cool heist thief stories), thriller, romance/emotional/relationships, drama, melodrama/soap operas. These are not as popular as cool cute musical stuff, cool cute musical stuff are the broadest things that garner the largest audiences, more-so than comedy.
A recently popularized thing is; speculated lore, backstory, world building where you only hint at a world’s or character’s interesting ideas but you let your fandom fill it up with their own interpretations. It’s playing up to the people who love mystery and love coming up with theories about what’s going to happen or what ifs. Again this is not as popular as cute stuff, music and cool stuff(super powers, kung fu, chase sequences).

Superman? like if you took all the gods and combined them into 1. Why have a hero that can do one thing when you can have a hero do every single thing?
With DBZ it was because of cool stuff, namely kung fu fights with super powers like if you took Superman and Bruce Lee and smashed them together. With DB it was more of an adventure journey of collecting the mac guffins and as you can notice DB isn’t as popular as DBZ. Adventure stuff with quests, world building, underpowered characters dealing with the environment and problems isn’t as appealing as Superman vs Superman, despite objectively the adventure show being superior from a storytelling and world building perspective. It’s a sad reality when Bruce Lee and Superman are more popular than Gandalf and Lord of the Rings.
Naruto, everybody loves ninjas, but apparently they love wizards with super powers even more.
Pokemon, who doesn’t love cute animals with super powers beating the shit out of each other and about having a relationship with your cute pet?
Power Rangers - kung fu fights and giant monster fights.
The Matrix - kung fu fights in a cybermind setting.
Minecraft, Roblox, literally Lego. It’s about building. This only worked as real life building blocks, a video game and sandbox rather than a storytelling tv show medium.

  1. Entertainment/Art will always be hard to put a price tag on compared to utilities like fridges, electricity, water, food, medicine, computers, gold, company stocks. Even with movies it’s a see it once and done deal unlike music you listen to over and over again, meanwhile with TV shows you don’t even pay to see them. Most animated series since 1986 aren’t very good at making money and were just used as advertising stunts for the actual products.
    TV Shows are often used more just to get people to recognize the brand by having them air on the most popular places possible
    Nowadays with the internet we rely on third parties and fandoms to create the extra publicity and content for us… to the point people like MrBeast and Pewdiepie have managed to revive Among Us who for 2 years stagnated. I saw Among Us toys popping up after only 2 months back in 2020.
    The most popular fan creations of those Among Us fan content are music videos which gain millions of views because people keep coming back to them to re-listen. Music is recyclable unlike a storytelling medium where you learned the joke/know the story and get bored of it, that’s why Japanese cartoons milk it by having 300 to 700 episodes of a neverending goal as opposed to JUST 26-52 episodes where the story’s goal is actually reached. That’s why Netflix fails hard at creating a fanbase because they release their episodes in batches, which does not keep people coming back every week to watch the new episode. Another sidegrade to music videos are movie parody trailers and political-like jokes. All of this fan content has something in common and that’s crossovers/self inserts, like a popular rapper’s song being used with the visuals of your content.

    1. Do we fund this out of our own treasury or try to strike a deal with the partner in choice?
    1. Definitely multiple kinds of shows to appeal to more people. I don’t like being stuck with just 1 type/style of show. As an investor you may come up with ideas and tell him “hey write a script with these ideas” but to take the script during animation production is suicide and sabotage.
      At the same time you also need to have taste and not be amazed by someone’s clear lack of talent or clear mediocrity.
      As such we cannot hire anyone who doesn’t have a clear portfolio like a long comic book, a bunch of written works. Book and comic book adaptions are the correct way to hire people, you know what they’re capable of. Pitch bibles full of concept art, world design, what ifs are not good. And I am highly against paying money for demos of people with no portfolios, that means we’d have to pay for demos of every person just to see if they’re good.

If it’s incredibly limited animation most people think it has to be a dialogue-driven show. Often times the problem is that the dialogue isn’t good. You can still have various action happening if it’s easy to understand action, but otherwise it’s best to focus on dialogue and your dialogue better be good.
My main gripe with Hannah Barbera cartoons was never the limited animation, it was the boring storytelling and boring atmosphere.

Example of decent and good action and good atmosphere on a limited budget:

You can also have high-budget animation yet have awful boring choreography and awful atmosphere because your director does not have any imagination for fighting sequences and escape sequences, neither any semblance of setting the mood. A lot of TV Shows based off movies seem to hire the worst possible people to work on them. A lot of live action TV shows especially feel like amateur fanfiction hour written by a really boring person on sleep deprivation.

The advantage with 3D is that you get almost infinite perspectives and it’s much easier to pose the bodies. 2D is far costlier to draw poses, that’s why everyone just sticks to one 2D pose like in Bunny Kill and Madness Combat. Also depends on the 3D models, a character model with 4 limbs is easier to communicate than a block with 4 stubby limbs barely reaching the doorknob.
Visual wise people also care a lot about facial expressions when a character is sitting idly and talking, however often times the voice acting makes up for the lack of facial expressions. I’ve seen shows like Moville Mysteries saved by the voice actors’ charming voices and dialogue despite how ugly the character designs look. Stuff like Simpsons and Futurama despite how ugly they look can still emotionally manipulate you through feelsie music, voice acting, dialogue, context.


Love the idea. It will be interesting to see how much of the fan generated content comes in when the Reaaalm is available though. Could the creation of this user content be incentivised by wearables/badges/raaafle tickets initially to test out the engagement before investing further into a complete production? Just thinking aloud but more eyes on Aavegotchi is always a good thing!


Any thoughts on the matter, everyone?

When I see aavegotchi related content i click and watch, it is muscle memory at this point. I would watch an Aavegotchi themed TV show. When the game is live i envision a lot of homespun shows created using the gotchiverse the way players of popular games makes shows currently. If Aavegotchi sponsered a show I would prefer it after more of the lore of gotchiverse is revealed in game.

This is great. We need/want good creative content. It can be a huge ROI overall …

What is the best approach to actually get this started ?

Can we break the tasks down and vote to release some funds (in stages) to a few trusted members, who show interest and would take responsibility for deliverables? Form a task force to come up with proposals for the DAO to vote on ?

A) If looking primarily for a quality show then script writing, script writing above all else.
B) If looking for popularity then take any quickly made show like Go Go Duppy and contact Netflix, CN, Nick, Disney, Adultswim, Hulu, Apple+ to put it on TV/a streaming service. Also animated songs and parody trailers, they’re really popular.

  1. In order to milk it you write a book then an audio drama then a comic book then an animatic then a bunch of songs if you want to take it step by step to squeeze every possible penny out of your content.
    2)Make a list of quick, talented, cheap people.

  2. Experimenting, you hide world and character lore & backstory, concept art, puzzles and entire episodes on the Metaverse to make people join the game to watch the latest episode and deleted scenes.

Very cool ideas.

I was actually kicking around the idea of trying to do something an online comic myself (well, paying others to…) , but didn’t want to spend too much and a few experiments didn’t work out…

But with some amount DAO funds behind and a few people from our community working on these ‘creative’ tasks and sourcing quality work, etc, I think it would be great.

I strongly believe that there should be an Aavegotchi show, and that it is an opportunity that should be jumped on sooner than later. I’ve rambled about the questions you posed below – just my two cents. And thank you for your thoughtful post.

  1. Do we help with the funding or sell the TV Show only exclusive rights to someone?

My gut reaction would be to work with an established studio on this, rather than fund it from within. One key to an Aavegotchi show being a success is the distribution, IE: how many people will be able to see it. In terms of using this show to build awareness around the Gotchiverse, working with a studio/distributor that has reach will be big. Better distribution = more potential eyeballs on the show = more buzz around Aavegotchi in general.

I do believe there is a thirst in Hollywood right now for all things related to crypto/NFTs, since they are the hot new thing. I suspect we will be seeing more and more NFT-related projects making their way to film/television soon. There is already a precedent for this as Anonymous Content, one of the most highly regarded production companies, optioned the Aku NFT for film and television back in April: Aku: First NFT Optioned for Film and TV - Variety — and in general, shows/films that utilize existing IP (books, comics, and now NFTs) are more appealing to studios than original screenplays because they already have their built in audiences.

All that being said, there is no denying the virality of the internet, and an Aavegotchi show created solely by Aavegotchi, with no production company or studio involvement, COULD gain a strong viewership if it caught on with the right influencers and such who could spread the word.

  1. How would we make money from this.

The short answer: get a studio to pay us. Also creating IRL and digital merchandise based on the show could potentially be a cash cow.

Another, more circuitous, route is to self-fund the series and release it only to those who are involved in the Gotchiverse (IE: people who own Gotchis, land parcels, GHST). There is a series called STONER CATS that only allows holders of their NFTs to view the show, thereby boosting the value of the NFTs. A similar model could work for Aavegotchi and be another avenue to increase engagement with all things Aavegotchi.

  1. Which talents do we hire?

There are generally two ways to go about this:

  1. Hire a capable screenwriter who is familiar with (and an admirer of) Aavegotchi, and have them create a pitch for the series. Pitches are usually about 15 mins, and provide a brief outline of the world, the characters, the themes, and the story. If pitching to a production company and eventually a studio, they are going to want to know these things and be able to see the potential for lots of episodes/seasons of the show. One would usually begin by pitching to a production company who, if they wanted to, would then take that pitch to the studios.

  2. Another option, which I’m not as familiar with the process of or the possibilities for, would be to partner with a production company WITHOUT a specific pitch (IE: just based on the potential of the Aavegotchi IP). The production company would then bring in a writer to build out the series idea before taking it to the studios. I would be cautious around this, because who knows what writers they might go after — they might be more prone to go after an A-list writer who might not know anything about Aavegotchi and you could end up with a show that doesn’t do justice to the Gotchiverse in the way that a writer who, say, owns an Aavegotchi would.

  3. Multiple shows or just one?

I would think that we should start with one show then branch out/spin-off, in the way that LAW AND ORDER, CSI, and, more recently, POWER did. The focus should probably be on making ONE show the best that it can possibly be, and then leverage the success of that show (if there is indeed success) into other shows that exist within the Gotchiverse. That being said, in the pitch process, one could certainly indicate the potential for more series within the Gotchiverse.

  1. Who do we partner up with? Hulu, Amazon, AppleTV, Netflix, Adultswim, Crunchyroll?

I feel like a big streamer would be good, though some do better jobs of promoting their shows than others. Netflix shows seem to fall off the map really quickly unless they are uber-successful like SQUID GAME. Just based on observation, it looks like AppleTV does a decent job of marketing its shows. A partnership with Disney+ might be good, as they are the biggest boys on the block and obviously the longstanding king of animation.

In terms of the animation style: one of the best things about Aavegotchi is that it is unapologetically low-fi. I strongly believe that the animations style of the series should reflect that. It feels more authentic to the Gotchiverse than, say, a beautifully 3D rendered show would. The low-fi graphics of the Gotchis have a warmth and personality to them that I wouldn’t want to mess with at all. And shows like SOUTH PARK have proven that low budget animation can gain incredible viewership and tell awesome stories just by the strength of the writing. As you said, it all comes down to the the writing. Or, as the great James Gandolfini once said, the key to a great show is: “The writing, the writing, the writing.”

Well gotchis are cute and frenly but I think Aavegotchi needs to develop further before moving into a cartoon series. Funding is the foremost issue, at this point I don’t think we have enough in our DAO to realize this at one go. I think we need to first come up with a central identity for Aavegotchi in a mini-movie or comic strip that could showcase our gotchi story.

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A short film could be a strong first foray into scripted Aavegotchi content as it could both exist as a stand-alone piece and potentially serve as a teaser and/or proof of concept for an eventual Aavegotchi series. I could very easily see a short film that expands on the story in the litepaper about the Nine Aadepts trying desperately to evade the Liquidators in order to channel the last of their spirit force into the great portal.

Love the idea. I don’t know much about the space other than it is a fairly expensive and large undertaking that definitely requires a talented team to do it right.
I know Toonbox is working on a show called Take my Muffin, a 14+ cartoon being funded through blockchain technology that talks about everything from blockchain to psychedelic muffins. While it isn’t a show dedicated to just to Aavegotchi, it would be cool to partner and have the show talking about Aavegotchi for the potential exposure. They have already incorporated other crypto projects into the show and have the opportunities to include spots for additional projects. Perhaps getting some exposure through another almost completed cartoon is a nice place to start. If the community liked the work they do, we could even consider tapping toonbox for an Aavegotchi show next. If anyone finds this compelling I can reach out to them for additional info. If enough like it, and depending on the available arrangement, we could then propose a sigprop to allocate some DAO funds to get Aavegotchi on the show.

Are they still making shorts? I only found a 2 minute video on Youtube.

I haven’t seen any new trailers yet. They’ve begun writing on season 2 and are getting close to wrapping up Season 1. I included the most recent progress report from Dec. 4th below. I IM’d them about opportunities and they said they have mechanisms for integrating brands within the storyline of the show. This is one of the first big budget decentralized cartoon projects that I’m aware of and thought it might be cool to get Aavegotchi mentioned in the show. I wasn’t going to engage the TMM team further until we had more discussion though. This is really about embedded marketing opportunities and less about our own show though, so i can move to another thread as to not distract from the original purpose of this thread if you’d prefer. Given how far along in development this show is I thought i might be an opportunity to more quickly begin getting exposure in a form of media that may bring more eyes to Aavegotchi.

TMM Season1 Update from Dec 4th

Discussion of it inside this thread is good as well. Anything audio visual related.
I’d be happy enough if they did a sideplot, let alone 1 crossover episode set inside the gotchiverse and citadel like it’s Penn Zero or Walter Melon.