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Author: flameviper_
Gotchi #8064

Revised with plan B and talking points 1 through 6, see way further below:

Plan A:
I propose we advertise for 6 months on a 1000$ budget .We can use Go Go Duppy as an ad to establish brand awareness. We will use Go Go Duppy as an ad on 4chan /co/ for mobile users specifically, it should avoid most of the bots on desktop which waste precious ad impressions. Go Go Duppy is basically an ad in itself for Aavegotchi which has been made for free, it would be wasteful not to put it to use as an ad for the main brand.

In plan A the ad would link to the webseries on Youtube which in return would link to the comic book and Aavegotchi website and gotchiverse. Plan B would link directly to another video explaining the game, which happens to be owned by the main Aavegotchi channel:

It’s important to establish Aavegotchi as a multi-medium brand like many other brands such as Megaman, Sonic, Pokemon, Wakfu which touch multiple demographics that might not be interested in web3, but are interested in comics and cartoons and offer free advertisement by talking about the Aavegotchi comic book and webseries, by default they will reference the web3 game each time when they talk about the comic and webseries cause people will use Google to search for it thus granting further top Google search results for SEO engagement.
The goal is to establish Aavegotchi as a brand that’s worth being copied by third parties to sell and offer us free advertisement through word of mouth, indirect advertisement and unintended advertisement by letting them discuss and sell their products with Aavegotchi in the name, just like Among Us having unofficial toys and merchandise everywhere in the world due to popularity despite Among Us being a video game primarily, not a music video series, not an animation series and not a toy brand.

The creator of Go Go Duppy has granted his blessings in the thread as well as agreed to link to the Margin’s Blade comic book through his webseries and link to the website to use Go Go Duppy as an ad for the gotchiverse and Aavegotchi project.

  1. Aavegotchi is lacking in mass exposure type advertising and interest for it is also lacking severely. Voting yes is voting that you’re interested in advertising Aavegotchi which you as an investor must be interested in to see the product you invested in reach Pokemon levels of popularity and value. Aavegotchi isn’t a secret clubhouse, we need to grow. We can keep a secret clubhouse through specific channels and NFTs, but that’s not the goal here.

  2. We have to change this sentiment of “no advertisement, period, not even if it’s free” , it’s also about speed. A crypto bullrun only lasts 2 years total and the peak is the most important part. We already have enough content to advertise for and with, other crypto projects only have an avatar NFT that does nothing and they provide 20x more advertisement for something with 0 utility and 0 features.
    Basically every time we had minigames, especially for Gotchi Heroes we should have readily put an ad for it and made noise on Twitter.

  3. It means a bigger community through advertisement which means together with new money, new buyers and new NFT collectors that are interested in far more aspects of Aavegotchi, not just Rarity Farming, growing our community means we’ll also receive developers to help build our web3 apps and participate in hackatons.

  4. We attract new users with skills we require, especially people with connections who know toy factories, people who work at Steam, Youtube, Roblox, etc. marketers, Youtube celebrities, toy makers, Twitter celebrities, AI programmers and AI savvy people.

  5. We are producing content without any advertisement backing it up. Building something on a low traffic network like Polygon isn’t helping us, most of the money is stuck on Ethereum and Bitcoin and the stock market.
    You’re basically creating a party, but forgot to send out the invitations to everyone. Nobody knows what the Polygon network is. Nobody knows the party exists, nobody knows how to get there, nobody knows what the party even has to offer. By advertising Aavegotchi we are also indirectly advertising for Polygon which is a great thing, we can further make partnerships through Polygon and various DEXes on Polygon.

  6. We need very long, very extended advertisement, not just one time for 1 week in 12 months like with Coingecko. We need our ads to stay up at least 6 months. We need to keep Aavegotchi in people’s minds so they check on it every few weeks and we nudge them a little when something big happens. If they know Aavegotchi exists in the first place then our updates such as -2 kinship, crafting, 3D gotchis will have much more impact, said users will be more interested, they’ll do word of mouth by themselves.

I have made and handled 4chan ads before, originally through, now I shall use which is not my decision it’s 4chan’s decision. I know how to save on ad impressions, avoid the bots, make sure people see the ad without wasting too many ad impressions and especially I know how to keep it going long for 6 months without breaking bank.

My proposed duration for the ad is at least 6 months before it runs out of cash, as such I have to limit certain things such as the amount of times a user can see the same ad within 24h. Desktop ads may appear cheaper money wise, but the amount of bots and unengaged users on desktop is 5 times higher than on mobile. Certain hours have certain prices you have to compete with other ads for. Certain countries have a large amount of bots to human population, luckily most of these bots are on desktop. allows me to pick the devices, boards and countries I want and lets me see the amount of ad impressions vs. clicks. We are paying for ad impressions and there is no way to pay for clicks specifically. I can limit it to Linux and Mac users if I want to, but most users are on Windows.
Unfortunately unlike, does not provide more detailed data I myself would love to have such as which country clicked the most and which country wasted the amount of ad impressions and at which hour and day so I can further polish the ad campaign in a more precise manner rather than shooting in the dark. I however know when the low and peak hours are. allows for Polygon USDC to be sent directly to them and converted instantly to $USDs
The money will be sent through Polygon USDC to an address of my choosing by contacting CoderDan who will contact the treasury governors.

Plan A: Advertise on comics & cartoons related message & imageboard /co/ for 1000$ for 6 months and we use Go Go Duppy as an advertisement for free. Normally a webseries itself would cost an arm and a leg.

Plan B: advertise on crypto-related message & image forum /biz/ which requires 6000$ for 6 months.
The large amount is because /biz/ is a much more expensive board filled to the brim with crypto ads and such the auction for each time slot to advertise our own ad increases significantly due to the quantity of competing ads especially at peak hours. Meanwhile on /co/ the prices are much smaller. The /biz/ campaign will be separate from the /co/ one to keep a closer eye on it.
The /biz/ campaign instead of linking to Go Go Duppy will instead link to the “How to buy your own Aavegotchi playable NFT | Aavegotchi” Gotchi U video and playlist

Drawbacks: Advertisement might not have its intended effect of creating word of mouth exposure or attracting pleasant people to our project & community or result in any significant effect.

The ad content is already made and free to use as opposed to having to pay for the ad video itself.
The “Go Go Duppy!” webseries in question:


Dear FlameViper,

Thanks for being a long-term fan of Go Go Duppy and for your continued support. I personally have no objections to your proposal(s). It would be great to advertise it on 4chan and/or other platforms and explore the possibilities of establishing Aavegotchi as a recognizable brand.

Additionally, I have no objections to linking the YouTube videos to the comic book.

I can’t express how much your enthusiasm means to me, and I’m really looking forward to going on this journey together!

Best regards,

Duppy Gotchi


Racist and discrimination imho

Please remake prop without that sentence for re-vote if prop fails

Thank you for the website, Reset. I have analyzed and came to the conclusion that I need to limit even more countries than before, some of which I didn’t think they’d be filled with bots wasting ad impressions.

I wish I could only limit specific IPS, but danbo doesn’t allow for that feature.
I wish I could separate America by states, but again doesn’t allow for that feature. Also 70% of the userbase we will advertise to comes from America, so I cannot limit America, but I might limit Canada.

First of all, 4chan itself tell you the demographics on their “advertise” page


The country is clearly listed there with %

Not sure who is left for you to advertise to after limiting the state / Canada at this point

Not, its not 70% as per 4chan

Something you missed:

The country you originally listed
We have holders from some of those countries and even ambasador

The original wording of the prop’s has problem beyond “who to advertise to on 4chan”

What I said about racist/discrimination + the pretty chart was just my way of trying to tell you something nicely

Looks like we are competing with adult websites for ad space

Missing Info:

Please provide banner image
You will be using for this ad campaign so the DAO can make a informed decision

Your $1000 or $6000 budget didn’t mention hiring an artist
Commission to Soju for Alch Comp was in ballpark of 250 ghst (200$?)

  • 20% of Option A Budget
  • 3.33% of Option B Budget


PS. Why is your prop option “Yes, Yes, Abstain” ?

I would like to be able to vote “no” to express myself even tho I have next to no voting power

Thank you