Advertising General

This thread serves as a general for various ideas on how to advertise the Aavegotchi project and potential investor venues for Pixelcraft. I will link any advertising ideas to this thread including potential marketing teams.

  1. Aagent missions
  2. Advertising through internet celebrities & crossovers
  3. Bots advertising content
  4. Ads inside video games & websites
  5. Rewards / Exams
  6. Mass DMs
  7. AI auto-generated content
  8. Advertising teams

Aagent missions have been sort of a success. The problem is that 200 people does not compare to 2 million bots spreading memes across the interwebs. If a pop-up had appeared after every alchemica withdrawal and channeling and every time our current 3000-4000 bots would had tweeted to popular crypto accounts then things would be a little different.

With the bear market that will take 1 year and 6 months to finish, paying huge money for crypto-related space is out of the question even though paying for it was out of the question even during the bull market with youtuber rugpullers that buy the token beforehand and dump it on their followers.
The only people we should be prioritizing their 10 second cameos in exchange for literal gold are Pewdiepie and Mr Beast who managed to turn Among Us into the hot new thing.
Another thing people search for and which we can abuse are crossovers, like the many Friday Night Funkin crossovers. People tend to search for Tamagotchi instead of Aavegotchi. As well as Pokemon, Sonic, Super Mario, etc. we need to crossover with these franchises without infringing on their IPs just like Newgrounds’ FNF is doing.
Nowadays there are smaller celebrities which stick to specific things such as Minecraft, Fortnite, Roblox, Five Nights at Freddy, Undertale, most of which in theory should be much more cheaper to hire or to suggest to do a video on gotchis as long as it’s related to their respective game such as a Minecraft aavegotchi mod.

Bots/meme of wars. Bots who do nothing but follow & like are completely useless(unless you’re stealing subscriber money from Youtube), however they are useful when being used to raise awareness when someone is asking on Youtube or Twitter to drop a link to their NFT or someone is asking for a new metaverse or tamagotchi-related project. Some are often used in centralized MMORPGs like Guild Wars 2, Runescape, WoW, FFXIV in order to avoid paying ad space or in case the company 95% of the time refuses to host ads. Other websites like 4chan and games like Runescape do allow for banner ads.
GPT chatbots are useful to post threads and hold a circlejerking discussion between its many personas on 4chan, reddit, twitter, etc. to not have to pay for ads and in case people are more attracted to thread discussion than ads. There are bots which activate by detecting images on a website like 4chan which were previously posted from an imagebooru and create a set of replies while linking where it found said image.
Content such jokes and Go Go Duppy! and our keygen or 8-bit songs are useless unless there’s a bot mass spamming it everywhere or some celebrity like Mr Beast promoting it, no matter how good the content is nobody will see it.

In my experience I’ve learned that hosting a game on Entropia Universe, Second Life, Roblox’s servers is impossible due to: no direct NFT integration, due to security issues because everything is hosted on their servers, Roblox washes their hands of all responsibility if some whale gets their credit card or seed phrase stolen. It’s also next to impossible to become popular, it’s like playing the lottery to create a popular game on the Roblox platform just like on the Steam platform and most importantly it costs a lot of money and time to create a good game.
As such it would be best instead if we discussed with the top 10 server/game owners if they’d like to advertise for us in-game. We’d let them make an offer for us then we’d discuss further with them the analytics of how many whales are actually playing their game and how much their ad is actually worth to us. Best way would be for the ad to not modify the gameplay/server’s rules but still be openly viewable by everyone. The ad would lead to a short introduction to the aavegotchi project complete with some free exams that guaranteed can earn you 5 NFTs.

Exams. I was thinking of using google classrooms for a multiple choice test (10-20 answers) that would be automated. Each 4 exam would each grant 4 NFTs with a final 5th NFTs for completing all exams 95% correctly. The problem would be keeping people from farming it. The NFT itself would be unlimited and useless at first but later gain value as it gains features like entrance tickets, access to aesthetic wearables. The NFTs imo should be pieces of shields. The NFTs could be done by seasons.
In order to reduce the amount of bots we could hold these only once every year and it would take 2 weeks once every day with different kinds of exams. I would prefer to not have to use up the man power to review each test, but rather allow it to be automated.

Mass DMs/emails/messaging
Nobody enjoys them and they’re often as ignored as website ads, albeit in the case of token airdrops, NFTs and a few very specific instances they are more effective than ads on a website. I have never ever in my life ever clicked on an ad on an website unless it was on accident, I always assume all ads on websites are viruses.
Luckily most spam is incredibly non sensical and easy to filter because they don’t apply the least bit of effort into it
As such when writing a personal DM you have to be very original, very clear, very smart about it. No long-winded paragraphs, no promises of "0.0001% chance to win, I just need 5 more referrals please. Get free 3 ethereum if you click this link and accept this transaction. I often times click on a NFT’s description and collection and ask around in their Discord “what the hell is this?” and often times I get 0 replies, an empty description, an empty collection description and a simple “it’s a pure art project by some no name indie artist who used to work as a janitor at the Louvre museum”
Something like this is much more original even if not perfect:

This is extremely important when contacting whales. Anything generic sounding will not catch their eyes. For the average person you have about 3-5 seconds to catch his interest before he moves on. Something as simple and crude in your DM such as “Hey asshole go fuck yourself. GO finish 95% of my exam and get a useless NFT.” is a million times more original and provocative than “Hello sir, you are the winner of blah blah please check out this project, we are a pump and dump group. Miracle for hair balding etc.”.

Due to the fact blockscan now allows you to see what tokens have been airdropped to you across multiple ethereum chains, most of which are infinitely cheaper to do airdrops on than bitcoin’s chain or ethereum’s main chain. and due to the fact we now have direct private messaging to addresses… we now have the ability to directly communicate with specific whales of our choosing without scratching our heads what their main email or WhatsApp could be.
Now this service should only be used every 4 months and be coupled with something really interesting like an exam that rewards you an NFT objectively, not per chance.

  1. AI has become advanced enough to generate pre-existing voices, impressionism art, generic music, chatbots and a few other things. We could use this technology to generate content for Aavegotchi.
    AI.15 / DALL-E 2 / GPT,

  2. There’s a difference between marketing and advertising and Aavegotchi has the former, but lacks the latter.
    As much as you hate them the YFI/yield farming and Doge/Shiba Inu clones have had some decent marketing teams behind them complete with marketing degrees to the point people were hunting them for work and the admin banned everyone from accessing the marketing team’s telegram in fear of getting its members stolen. Their only downfall was when they got ahead of themselves and started wasting money on ads in Times Square. I see ads all over the place and I sure as fuck never ever bothered scanning the QR code or inputting the URL address on my smartphone. They are a complete waste of money. However everything else they did with the advertising bots and rewards as I mentioned examples in this thread were a complete success, at least at first before they lost steam or got lazy and stopped doing it.


Around Halloween, we could throw up Santa Gotchis on bus stops in tech districts, that just say “Aaavegotchi is always Early” with a QR code

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