Add alchemica usecase for schoolars/Cartridge for asset-owners

There is some discussion about scholars (and or bots) dumping alchemica.

Currently (after the tile minting ended) besides staking alchemica, there is no reason not to sell it (wether that is for buying other gotchi assets or not).

I suggest we add more ways for scholars to use their alchemica so that they are being incentivized to at least keep it in the ecosystem. This will not resolve the bot issue, but this could at least reduce the value extraction thats happening with some of the scholars (people who solely collect alchemica with borrowed gotchis)

an idea i had:

- an alchemica lottery (similar to tickets)
for instance: put 5 kek, get a ticket to win more kek
a model could be: 85% of the alchemica used for the tickets is going to the prize pool, 15% gets burned, or whatever we feel is a good allocation for that remaining 15% (numbers could ofcourse be different)

Maybe the cartridges are just a temporarily solution and things like gamified staking and spending alchemica for in-game advantages come in play later which makes it more attractive and more fun to not just dump the alchemica (for scholars). But if the cartridges are a permanent thing, i feel like we need to take measures for gotchi-asset-owners too, WE are the ones who want to lend our gotchis too, to people who we know will dump. we can literally check who dumps and who doesnt, but yet some of us decide to lend to them. we want to yield and negative price action is the price we pay for it.

My idea here on the sink, is not necessarily what i think is the best idea, but im just trying to give you my thoughts on the current situation and spit an idea/direction on how i think we could resolve it.

its my first topic created, i hope its of value :pray:


A lottery or “gacha game” type mechanic could be a fun way to burn up some alchemica, something like this could also replace (or preserve) the raffle events that people have enjoyed for a long time. Keeping it self-funded as you’ve suggested would also help keep it sustainable, although I think there would still need to be extra incentives (perhaps game items?) seeding the pool to keep people interested.

The need for sinks is definitely a concern as the economic system gets worked out. Check out this thread for some more ideas, and feel free to add more of your own: In-Game Alchemica Sink Suggestions

+1 yes, for pure degen options be added. Letting people gamble, is always a win for the house.


I kinda like the idea. I think it would be great if the prize or benefit received for gambling with alchemica was something else in the eco system rather than more alchemica. I think if people go in with a mindset to extract value they still will unless the benefit can only really be in game.

Crazy idea - what if scholars could gain XP somehow from the alchemica they collect and use it to increase the traits of the gotchis they rent (temporarily)? Similar to how gotchi XP will give the gotchis extra trait pts in the gotchiverse (I believe this will be off-chain so maybe possible?)
This would only work once traits are a thing, so maybe not an immediate fix, but a potentially good incentive that benefits game play and discourages dumping.

Yes we need ways to burn Alchemica and lottery is one of easiest ways to do it.

pretty cool idea to be honest

pls consider this invalid. i requested moon to remove it and they are looking into it :+1: