Implement delay in UI before posting any baazaar listing

Despite the presence of confirm checkmarks before baazaar listing people are still making mistakes. Here is an example of the most recent one:

Considering that there are bots scanning constantly baazaar listings and even pending transactions user has no chance to fix their mistake once tx is sent.

I propose several approaches to fix this:

  1. Create disabled “confirm” button with a timer of 15-20 seconds and a message about the name of the item and the price it is going to be listed at.

  2. Or implement freeze time for about 5 minutes before listing can be bought, so user have chance to cancel it. (if it is even possible)


We could also add a warning that you are pricing something way below the recommended price similar to what they do on Wax’s marketplace. Here is an example:

Also, something that I have been thinking about is that it would be nice to see what you originally bought something for so you can tell when you sell it if you are selling for a profit or a loss instead of having to keep track of that information ourselves. Could be shown under the “last sold for:” and just say “You bought for: x GHST”

A chart showing what an item has sold for in the past, specifically for wearables could also be a good UI addition, similar to what WAX has, as seen in the screenshot above.

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