Whitelists for Baazaar listings?

Ever wanted to sell an item directly to another player? Wouldn’t it be great if this could be done in a trustless manner?

What if guilds want to sell something to their members at a discount? Maybe give good scholars the ability to buy the guild’s crest for cheap?

You can’t just sell something cheap by sending the buyer a link to the listing because baazaar bots will catch it immediately within the next block. Since launch of the baazaar, baazaar bots have actually extracted much more value from the community than bots roaming the Gotchiverse.

Since we already have whitelists, how about adding the option of a whitelist to Baazaar listings too?

Being able to make an offer would also be great btw :slight_smile:


Yes, we need to lock down the bazaar as well. The bazaar bots are the biggest extractors in the game, and we treat these people like they are acceptable members of the community.

We have several people who we share our table with, that take the silverware home with them every night.


These same bots you are attacking also do a pretty good job at holding floors up, especially with regards to portals and tickets.

Wot. I promise you, the rest of us would do a fine job of that, given the chance. The bots buy on the same block the item is posted. Due to the competitive nature of quants… I’m fairly certain that the one that wins vs the pother bots, has a node in their house and is trading at a 3MS response time. Obviously, that is unprovable, but that is how I would do it, if I were trying to bleed a community.

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This sounds like a great and simple(?) idea to implement!

We heard a while ago though that GBM style bidding will be in place for bazaar items didn’t we? Or was that only for parcels? Either way I guess both could work together…

-potentially true, but I feel there are enough humans engaged at the moment to hold the floors up, no? No one wants to be fighting bots for a good deal.

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