Updates to Aavegotchi DAO section in Discord

Gm GotchiGang!

There has been a lot of discussion in the dao-discussion section about how only having a single thread is not be the most effective for communicating and collaborating.

In order for us to become a more productive DAO with more focused dialogue between us some initial suggestions and ideas around updating the Aavegotchi DAO section include:

  • Turning on Slow Mode for the #dao-discussion section (This would make sure that no one person is dominating the chat at one time and makes it so that what people are writing is more thought out than being a stream of consciousness)

  • More moderation of the #dao-discussion channel (Making sure people are on topic and being productive, making sure to curve personal attacks on other GotchiGang members, etc)

  • Splitting up the #dao-discussion channel into two channel, #dao-ideation (Being for more primitive ideas that still need to be flushed out) and #dao-prop-discussion (Being more for focused discussion around live props)

These are just a few ideas that have been tossed around and that I personally believe would help the flow of dialogue around important DAO decisions. Also seems like @CoderDan will be making a #channel-request channel to see if there are other ideas of channels we would like to have, and if there are any other ideas around what updates would be good to make to the Aavegotchi DAO discord section, please feel free to share them here so we can get the best one’s implemented!

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Sounds great!

Maybe a 10 minute slow mode is too much? Can we do 5 min or less?

Is anyone opposed to to having off-topic/redundant comments ruthlessly deleted? After two busy days irl, I’m already 800+ comments behind and there’s no way I can read through all that today…

Yeah it should added.

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