Increase the percentage of parcels and portals in the raffle!

Hi guys. Right now 80% of the parcels and portals are being sold! Just 20% of it are being distributed through the raffle! We want a higher % of portals being raffled!! Let’s make this game cheaper for the players!! If you are a new player you also have the option of buying tickets in the baazzar and to enter it in the raffle. Will be easier to win in the raffle! I have the feeling that Pixelcraft realized they can make a ton of money with the auctions and they forgot about the farming! The original idea in the whitepaper was to get itens by staking GHST and farming, right? You guys are selling too much! Let’s increase this percentage in the raffle! I think 50% for selling and 50% for raffle would be fair! Let’s discuss this percentage. What % would be ideal?!

70% sell 30% raffle we gotta need that money frens

Hey Fren,

I think the allocation is fair. And I’m gonna argue that raffles aren’t as egalitarian as posited above. Who holds the most tickets/stands the most to win? Those with a ton of $GHST and/or just large pockets in general.

Increasing the supply of land does flow along with the randomness so you can’t say that will be gamed, but increasing the proportion of raffled off parcels will inevitably lead to a skew in the distribution favoring the heavy pockets.

Of course the auction still favors heavy pockets too; well-known whales will get lots of land. Still, at least this is to the benefit of those that get outbidded, who will earn extra $GHST for “losing” on a plot, and be able to navigate a wildly large map to search for alternative plots.

I am not sure how prone this auction will be to bots, but if manual search, favoriting, and scrolling across a map prevents some bot usage then this auction will go off even better than the last B2E event did.

I hope you have your bidding gavel ready :hammer: