Increased Moderation in Discord Channels

Currently, our devs. tackle a lot of FUD, disrespect, and overall whining in Discord. This is not a victimless crime. 5 minutes spent by a dev answering the umpteenth complaint about affordability (why no cheap portals?), or about profitability (why more wearables?) are 5 minutes not spent doing what they do best- which is developing a solid platform and game.

Another unintended consequence is overly vocal complainers mis-shaping Dev. perceptions as to how the community actually feels as the game is fleshed out.

Finally, certain channels in Discord should be kept positive/fun/light for everyone instead taken ransom by one person unhappy with their particular trade or issue for hours on end.

Let’s consider more or more empowered mods in Discord


Probably the creation of a FAQ section for what have been observed as the most common paint points (i.e. Matic bridge, Affordability+Profitablity explainers/disclaimers) would help so that moderators can point users to this section as needed

I agree that we need more moderation. We have Aaprentices which have the power to moderate, but many of them have moved on / never participated. The Aaprentices which are still there are overworked with the huge influx in users. Besides the Devs, there are about 2-4 people sharing the moderation load on the discord, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With almost 10,000 users, across many, many channels.

That being said, I think the team of active moderators has been doing a decent job, considering the amount of hate / misunderstanding / confused users.

With regards to your second point, many of these things already exist. Unintelligent_Nerd has been doing a fantastic job keeping the Aavegotchi wiki up to date, with an entire fleshed out FAQ, and numerous tutorials, and walk-trough’s are available, and regularly referenced by the moderation team, as well as being pinned in the relevant channels.

The issue here is that no matter what amount of resources you provide, you will always have a large percentage of users who either don’t want to read these things, or don’t understand them. With such a complex ecosystem, it’s hard to explain it to someone who doesn’t really care to learn.

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Thank you, things have actually gotten leaps and bounds better - and I never intended to imply existing mods do a bad job. I created this thread before the ban of a certain individual who was spreading many negatives in general chat. I’m comfortable deleting this thread now.

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