Snapshot entries that do not have a DAO discussion thread older than one day should be automatically closed

Recently, the snapshot has been flooded with alot of proposals that are a few lines or do not have a decent conversation beforehand. All of the proposals that do not have a DAO thread and have not been discussed will not be able to pass without further more refinement, making the snapshot cluttered and hard to discern on the well discussed proposals.

I propose to have a discussion on whether to have proposals automatically closed if they do not respect a minim of requirements:

  1. To have a DAO thread
  2. The thread to be at least 1 day old
  3. The DAO thread link to have been posted on the discord dao-discussion channel

Would add a required amount of responses (3?) to make sure the proposal has actually been discussed. Not sure if the link being posted in Discord is thaaat important, even though it’s very nice if people do it.


Agreed! Getting some response (as Moon said) is more important than posting the link in Discord.

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I think a response requirement is unnecessary. It’s likely that this would simply be gamed with worthless responses. I think having the thread be at least 3-7 days old rather than 1 would be a good way to do it so that people have ample time to critique the proposal before it goes up on snapshot


Agree with proposal and also believe response requirement is unnecessary

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thank you!! this is how it should work

Not a fan of this forum as it requires an email to sign up.

I was thinking the thread should not be a requirement at all and .5 ghst burn or to treasury would be more appropriate for proposing anything.

If you can’t be bothered to sign up, I guess you don’t care much about what happens with Aavegotchi.

If you can’t be bothered to talk with the community and improve your idea with a thread, your idea has no chance of passing in snapshot.

If you can’t afford to pay .5 GHST, I still want you feeling welcome and able to discuss and propose anything that gets community engagement. That’s what we’re about!