Introducing more complexity with installations

Hey frens,

I have had an idea for awhile which I finally feel is the right time to share. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been having a ton of fun building out my lands and treating this part of the game as a pretty fun little farming sim. Looking forward, I ask myself, “how could this aspect of the game be even more fun?”

If you look at the current tech trees and material requirements for installations, everything operates from the base layer. Level 9 installations require the same raw materials as their Level 1 counterparts.

However, if you look at more advanced farming sims, players are required to take those raw materials and refine them into more advanced units in order to build the next generation of technology.

I have been thinking how cool it would be to have something similar within the Gotchiverse.

As an example:

The yet-to-be-revealed-but-surely-guaranteed-to-exist gun turrets might have a recipe which looks as follows:

L1 - L3: standard alchemica
L4 - L6: alchemica + “FOMO wires”
L7 - L9: alchemica, “FOMO wires,” and “laser scope”

The FOMO wire can only be minted in a refinery and is 3 FOMO for 1 wire.
The laser scope can only be minted in a science facility and is something like XXX KEK, XXX FOMO, and XXX other level 2 materials.

Refineries and other advanced installations can have raw materials loaded into them and would output the wires or whatever else is defined by the player. Higher levels of refineries = higher output (and possibly access to higher tier items).

This idea brings forward several benefits:

  1. More in-depth gameplay. Players who want to build auxiliary installations will be required to source more advanced materials.

  2. Alchemica sinks. Refineries and other installations required to build out advanced tech will require alchemica to be built.

  3. Secondary market. Some players who have an unlucky roll with alchemica might choose to build out a parcel filled with refineries. They can then crank out FOMO wires and resell them for a slight markup from the base mats.

  4. Attract the farming sim gamers. With a compelling tech tree and advanced materials, players who enjoy the farming sim and RTS categories would love playing in the Gotchiverse even more.

I believe this idea is the way forward!

What do you think?


To add to the gun turrets…this would also open up additional avenues of customisation.

You could mount a FUD blaster on top which would turn the attacks into AoE
You could mount a FOMO burner would would turn the attacks into DoTs

Etc. etc.

The gun turrets could also require ammunition which would of course need to be crafter beyond just raw FUD. ie: 2 FUD = 1 simple ammunition

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Yes. Farming has been a blast so far and any opportunity to craft, construct, install, refine more of anything builds up an incredibly engaging experience. How much of this PC already has planned though is a key question perhaps for this weekends hangouts/dao discussion?


Absolutely. I’m not trying to step on any toes here. If it’s already in the works, then amazing :smiley:

If it hasn’t been considered, then let’s open this Pandora’s box. Advanced building materials can provide as much depth as we’ll allow!


So from an implementation perspective we could have a base primary ERC-1155 installation called the “Smithee” that players craft with alchemica.

Then the Smithee can be used to create new base material ERC-1155’s that could be all sorts of things such as:

  • FUD wires
  • ALPHA lasers
  • KEK cannons
  • FOMO kabloom-Os

And then these are the ERC-1155’s that get equipped to your defense turrets? Therefore every player can build unique defense towers? This could be so dam fun in the GRID.


Please add more layers that cant be simply defeated with money.


I was thinking a bit more about the idea and what I have come up with so far is this (work in progress):

There are three things going on here: Tiered materials for advanced buildings, consumable munitions, and one-off rare materials for flex and end-game installations.

Tier One:
Base level alchemica, FUD, FOMO, Alpha, and KEK

Tier Two:
Building materials crafted in a Faactory:
FUD plates
FOMO wires

Social-related materials crafted in a… Raadio Tower?
Alpha relay crystals

The FUD plates and FOMO wires would be used to build walls, gates, towers, etc. Anything related to structural and defence buildings.
The Alpha relay crystals and KEK… would be used to upgrade social-related installations like NFT displays, teleporters, etc.

Tier Three

These materials would be built on top of Tier Two and be required for the final levels of building. It’s rough, but some ideas:

Infused FUD plates. FUD plates reinforced with wiring, KEK, and others to provide superior defence for your walls, towers, and moar.
Advanced Optics Crystals: Required for Max level turrets & teleporters. Built on top of Alpha Relay Crystals

Consumable Munitions

This category includes ammunition, mines, snares etc. Different defence towers can use different ammunition and some advanced ammunition requires high level towers.

Something like this:

Basic Ammunition: crafted in Faactory and is made of FUD
Caanon Shells: crafted with FOMO + FUD Plates
Etc. etc.

One-Off Rare Materials

I thought it would be super cool if we could build “Guild Flex” installations for different waves of game content. Check it out.

The new PvE content is released for the Polygon Lakes. Anyone can build an L1 Polygon Lakes statue. Each level advancement requires alchemica/advanced materials + Limited Edition drops. The higher the level, the rarer the drops.

To get the best Level 9 Statue, you need a material which may only drop 5-10 times for “world firsts.”

Guilds build these towers and have a status symbol to flex their global dominance.

These statues/flex installations could be used for many things including RF seasons, PvP tourneys, PvE content, etc. Certain achievements could grant the limited one-off building materials!

We could also require certain installations like Gun Turrets to need a PvE related material to level to the Max.


It’s difficult to build a tech tree on limited knowledge, but I think it is worth the endeavour. I hope to have more in-depth discussion around this with everyone and hopefully work to shape a rich and compelling tech tree for the Gotchiverse :smiley:


This is a fabulous start.

Having the different tiers have crafting times, or even requiring installations, is an excellent way to add value. Instant craft items require a LE status to gain value, but time gated items, have additional value simply for existing.

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Thanks. I hope this idea gains some traction. We really could capture a pretty big chunk of gamers from the Stardew Valley/Factorio/building sims niche.

For this to be a success, I feel it’s one of those ideas PC needs to pick up with on the discussion as there are so many unknowns from an end-user perspective.


I would like to make the materials even more rare to craft, by putting the “forge” or “crafting table” for the material, at a limited time hard to reach location in game, possibly gated by single use per gotchi.

Getting and stockpiling rare materials, so that you have them available for crafting L2 materials, that require multiple rare L1 materials, would add a layer of exclusivity and value that you will never achieve by simply making something expensive. This is also how to give OG’s, holders, and renters that craft regularly, boosts; You had to have been there, crafted/accumulated, and held for longish periods, to be able to craft the most elite items.

This is also a way to make the instanced dungeons and the storyline quests and events have high end prizes that are actually spread out amongst multiple events. It’s not just “be first to bottom of godlike dungeon” You have to collect stuff for a while, maybe lead large groups to collect large quantities, participate in many things, before you manage to have all the right stuff, when you encounter that special forge that will make you the harness, that lets you capture the flying mount, or lets you dip your wearable in gold, or craft the chisel set that lets you write your name on the citadel walls…