New Alchemica/GLTR sink: The Excavatoors

Hi frens, after a good brainstorming session with the Alchemica + GLTR Economic Taskforce, we would like to introduce an idea that could become a new sink for the Gotchiverse: the Excavatoors.

What do you think about introducing a new installation which could search for hidden treasures under the ground? Let’s say the machine can take a “sample” every X time (GLTR sink) and you can upgrade it (alchemica sink) to go deeper to search for higher rarity tier objects. With the introduction of the forge, we could add schematics as prizes season-based or make special dedicated events based on gotchi lore. To avoid abusing the system, we could burn the installation once the treasure is found and claimed, making it a recurrent sink. Furthermore, each parcel would have a maximum number of times that can be sampled, encouraging owning more laand.

In addition, we could distribute a portion of the initial supply of these installations based on gotchi engagement, incentivizing the most active players. We could, for example, advertise the event to qualify for the airdrop based on performance in the aarena, alchemica collected, etc.

Alternatively, we could combine the usage of this new installation with an existing asset: the “geodes”. We could have a VRF-based system that ensures that every time the ground is sampled, there is a chance to win a geode.

Before going deeper and exploring further possibilities and tokenomics of this idea… what do you frens think?


What pops to my mind is a half replacement for the tickets. So you need to dump a huge amount of alchemica in excavators either based on type(legendary, mythical, godlike) or based on levels 5000, first 10 levels can get common schematics, 50 levels uncommon, 100 rare, 250 legendary, 1000 mythical, 5000 godlike. But with the way I thought of it … I didn’t account for how much alchemica would be required to reach 1 godlike excavaator(the equivalent of something like a ticket?)

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I like the idea, basically an installation that searches for treasures in the ground and if treasure is found, anything could be hidden in that “treasure box”…its kind of like a geode / lootbox.

I think there will be backslash if wanted to combine with geodes, or other assets from “protocol people”, some gotchigang do not like to mix assets…as a way to keep value within each category of ecosystem.

Maybe this would be cool way how to introduce more “decorations” to gotchiverse, cool statues, or tree samplings, or something like that.

I think “excavaator“ value would have to be limited…lets say each parcel could only do 9 “excavations”… lets say 1 excavation per excavator level….the bigger level, the bigger chance to find “treasure”…

And treasure is lootbox as is geode.

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is there any way to tie this to the rarity of each parcel within the citadeel for example?
it could make sense to have randomness in your favor when the land is prime real estate (not location based like the d1 premium) but boost based, for example making the superfarm reasonables optimal places for this sort of excavating ?

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As long as the economics of this are well thought out it will have my support. Great idea guys.

I like excavating for geodes (could either sell them or open them)

I also like the higher the level the better rewards can be found. Destroying once something is found is an interesting idea as well

How would we go about this without inflating the supply of wearables? Or would this be our inflation mechanism?

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