Keep some decorations mintable forever

Hey frens,

I have been thinking about alchemica sinks. I am wondering if it would be more beneficial to keep some design elements mintable forever? It’s nice to have a secondary market and value appreciation, sure, but we also want to have some alchemica sinks.

The recent art competition sparked my idea behind this. I originally planned out a single parcel design. Well, the design escalated into a full three-panel design. Thankfully I had the help of frens to bring the design to fruition. But what about all of those who didn’t plan and didn’t have the resource to buy everything in the secondary market?

Would we have seen more alchemica burned if those mosaics all remained open? Would more people mint and build on their lands?

It’s too late now with this round of decorations. But it does leave me wondering if we should have some permanent tiles and deco which would serve as a baseline alchemica sink for anyone who wants some design.

Am I wrong in my thinking? Does this devalue the rest of the decorations? Or would we actually see a decent sink open?


I think unlimited editions are a great idea, as long as they are non-transferable.

I had the same reflexion yesterday in the general-chat, here is my message:

“For future contests, wouldn’t it be better to make the tile mint period permanent? Given the number of tiles required it is complicated for someone who joined the contest for example two weeks ago (he can only have two colors, too little supply in the baazaar). It makes the contest less inclusive and reduces the sink effect. Can we also consider a Zap in game for minting directly, e.g I want 50 green star tiles and pay in ghst (ghst>fud & alpha>mint)”

I was not interested in decorating my parcels at first, but I changed my mind after seeing all these magnificent works. I think that the financial impact of tiles on the secondary market is really relative and that the Gotchiverse’s economy and attractiveness would gain much more.

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Good idea! It seems to be the intention with the silver nft displays but we should also have a baseline of freely craftable gotchiverse decorative elements so parcel owner can always spend alchemica to customize the look of their parcels. This might also make the limited editions more valuable by allowing them stand out among the regular ones.

I agree there should be things that are on the market forever. I’m not sure what those should be exactly, but I think it’s definitely needed.

For these tiles, I definitely think they should’ve been available the whole time. The point of restricting crafting times is to buoy secondary market sales. But I don’t think that should’ve been the goal this time since we were giving out prizes for designs.

Plain old single color tiles would cover that just fine.

Things like signage fit this bill as well.


Unlimited flat colour 1x1 tiles sounds like a great idea.

Think of it like filling up all your paint buckets with different colours. Couple this with an improved “paint mode” interface that allows click and hold design and we could end up with a very effective long term sink.

The sheer volume of fresh designs we’d see on twitter would be great advertising value too.

Tile minters to date a bit wrecked short term but who knows, with more overall art design volume and visibility, the OG mosaics might even see some appreciation?

Unlimited paint tiles also validates having future tile design competitions as people now have a reason to keep minting and designing without constraint.

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Honestly, not having a full crayon box, and being limited to 2x2 as the min size, most definitely reduces the quality of what we can make and makes it less likely that people are just going to “mess around” And of course, as with all crayon boxes, you need the special colors, too… single colors that twinkle, or have transparency, all the shades from white to black… simply make them cost about 1/3 of what a mosaic is, as it’s 1/4th, and you have something people will buy lots of and buy very casually. But ya… need to upgrade the dfrawing tools a bit, and we need to be able to bulk move the installations as well. It’s fun the first time you mess with it, but after that… doing 120 transactions just to slide a thing you made over by one space… nope, I’m good with it looking janky.