QR Code Tiles (with an expiration)

On the subject of creating alchemical sinks, I had this simple idea and wanted to gauge the community’s thoughts.

In a nutshell, users would be able to craft tiles with their own custom coloring and QR code, in varying sizes, for varying alchemical costs.

The tiles would have a set expiration, after which they would vanish from the parcel- so think of these tiles as a way to temporarily capitalize on your parcel’s own eyeball/ad-space, while introducing an interesting sink for alchemica.

It would also add an element of discovery for those walking around the gotchiverse while collecting alchemica.

Looking forward to your thoughts below!


This could result in someone being induced into a malicious contract resulting in property damage

Oh wow, that is an angle I hadn’t considered fren!
They would probably need curation which makes the idea far less appealing :sweat_smile:.

I was about to volunteer to be the filter then I thought about it :rofl:

LOL, maybe from a cloud instance :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a great idea, though.

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