Know what SZN your wearables are!

The H1 backgrounds not only gets me in my Charizard feels but it states that its first edition. Not only do we get immediate information from one look it gives a holographic feel to it. Wearables, especially season 1 of any game, should have their version of rarity insignia. Last week i got absolutely smoked in Fortnite so bad i felt lucky to get killed so fast with perfection and then i notice his avatar as he’s emoting over my remains… “Holy crap! No wonder!!! He’s rockin a season 1 skin” Makes a player feel like a ranked OG player flexin the visual fact of a day one player. Gotchis having age shown in blocks are gnarly information but the background idea gives information via TCG style holo rarity visuals and makes eth rock look even dumber. We should do something similar with wearables. “SZN 1” in text would work like a first edition TCG. Or like games with seasonal battle passes they usually change up the look a little bit or modify the color with each season change. Sometimes they wont make items for a few seasons to where its almost forgotten. Then one day two years later "BROOOOOO THE FIREBALL IS BACK BUT ITS BLUE!!! I mean i feel like thats the only reason people buy McRibs because they know its not sticking around long and McRibs straight up suck. Gotchi wearables are awesome!!! Chronological rarity to wearables.


I welcome this idea all on the basis of giving importance to rarity and OG-ness :ok_hand:


I don’t understand this. Was there a wearable release for S1? There were a bunch of raffles, and a big release coinciding with H1. What exactly is an S1 wearable? Everything that was released before S1 started? :thinking:


I support this initiative. Just like your fortnite experience, I used to feel the same with WoW when players had things like the war bear mount etc. It’s so much in-game flex.

To take it one step further, I had proposed this awhile back. A cohesive theme surrounding each season would be dope AF imo. You could have H2 specific bg’s and gear that all flow nicely. You could even have seasonal wearables as rewards for top tier players (vanity items with no BRS boost).

If you like the idea, drop a comment in the threat to boost it back to the top of the feed for more discussion :slight_smile:


I’m thinking more of a gamer… all wearables in H1 should have a H1 insignia