Creating a Theme for Each Season

Hi frens,

I’m buzzing with ideas this morning.

Something else that I’ve really been feeling is to create a theme for each season. This would make for a visually appealing experience and continuity within the realm. I imagine each season sort of like an expansion in a game (lots of WoW parallels happening).

I think it would be amazing for each season to have its own theme. For instance, season two would be cyberpunk VR (as that’s already been kicked off). All the wearables would have some element of either cyberpunk or VR in its artwork. We could even have slightly different base gotchi artwork based on each season. Or, we could reopen the idea of unique backgrounds and each season would have something slightly different.

The end of season rewards would all fit into the theme as well (see my post on this here: Vanity Equipables and Seasonal Rewards)

I believe this theme idea would drive a lot of continuity within the realm artwork wise as well as allow players and collectors to quickly discern which wearables came from which season. Zooming out further, there could even be regions of the realm designed to coordinate each season’s theme. Within that space could be a half of fame with the winners portraits etc on the walls. Just some ideas going forward.

I’m always thinking of ways to drive more cohesion to the game where we strike that perfect balance of individuality within an overarching style and theme.

Some other ideas for seasons that spring to mind:

Crypto winter
Retro games
Kings, queens, and dragons

We could also drive more community involvement by voting on each season theme.

What do you guys think about this? Do you like the idea of themes for each season? What themes would you like to see carried out?

  • Yes! What a lovely idea!
  • Naaa. I don’t think so.

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Yeah this is somehow like artists jam

I’m not quite sure what is artists jam?

So it can be a competition for artists be make an artwork in a specific timeframe and present it to the audiences for voting


I love the idea.
We could have a round where we first pool theme ideas, then vote on the winner.
Once the theme is established, we could do artwork competitions for the wearables.Preformatted text

Nice one!
And it would be coool, if this seasons will never repeat AND this UI BG options will be like a collectible achievements for been in this seasons lol

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That’s my thinking too. Each season would be unique, giving each haunt its own flavour. With the new realm lite paper, we could even have each season theme match one of the regions of the land. So like the defi desert, lava, etc.


good one! could really spice up things and keep it appealing


Yeh! I always liked how each expansion pack in games would have a general feel to them. Burning Crusade in WoW was all about Fel and Blood Elves, Wrath of Lich King was all about death. All the gear fit into the theme which to me was awesome :smiley:

It would also be pretty sweet if one season in gotchi was around a specific theme, then we could have different rarity sets that were all cohesive :heart: I love how they made the tiers of the ROFL frogs…something along those lines but with full suits :smiley:

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A lot of people voted yes to this. I’d love to hear more feedback and some ideas you have for themes we could run for each season !!!

Would also love to hear how devs feel about this :slight_smile:

In regards of theming.

I would suggest that we are gradually move away from purely crypto references towards more recognizable themes for the general public “the normies or nocoiners”

he H1 can be a crypto summer but H10 should allready be “Dawn of the unicornmantis” to reference the Blockbuster movie in the works at that time.

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There’s certainly a lot of room for exploration.

Themes could be surrounding the gotchiverse and lore. Like some lore around one of the zones in the world could launch with the themed season.

Pop culture could be fun too.

The best part is we’re part of the DAO so whichever the community wanted most is the direction the wearables would go! <3

Yes to this, and yes to the other thread you have about WTF making more sets.

Anything you guys can do to add flavor and status to anything, is a plus.

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