Creating Vanity Equipables

Hi frens,

I’ve been playing with an idea for several weeks now and this morning it all came to me.

I propose creating new equipment slots that are vanity only and overwrite their stat-bearing counterparts. This opens up a whole range of possibility for the game.

  • We could do seasonal wearable rewards that are non-transferable.
  • We could do event-based rewards. What if for major milestone events players were also airdropped a vanity, non-transferable wearable?
  • The maall could sell vanity items that offer no stats, but allow for new players to equip naked ghosts with something. It could also sell expensive vanity gear that players wear just to look cool. These items would greatly increase treasury reserves. The items could be unlimited in supply, change each season, and bind to the gotchi, so no increase in bazaar supply.
  • Players could equip stat-bearing items in vanity slots to change their looks while keeping the stats from their primary slots.

These are just some ideas that pop into my brain. I’d love to hear more from the community and how you feel about this!

  • Yes! I’d love to showcase my gotchi in style!
  • Na.

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To clarify, by equipping stat-bearing items in vanity slots, no stat bonuses would be given. It would simply replace the artwork of the primary slot.


Hey mate!
I was thinkig about Aavegotchis Fashion for a while, and yeah this could be cool if we can have something like.
I like the idea, but i feel it like a big flow of work to do for the team.
Only if we will get a hands from the community… Dunno.


Yeah :slight_smile: Another thing that could be brought into this is community created wearables. After the initial implementation, I wouldn’t expect it to be too much a burden on the devs and seasonal wearable rewards would add a huge gameplay incentive. They might even call on the @aartists to help with the seasonal sets.

If there’s enough interest, I would keen to speak with the team and see about creating more structure around this concept.


Bumping this thread.

Dan mentioned in chat today the possibility of bringing on famous artists to design some wearables (and bring attention) to the gotchiverse.


Hey! Invader here!
I was thinking about a better distribution model for vanity items.

  1. Selling them with limited supply would create another speculation asset and will drive prices up. If selling them on baazaar with fixed price or at the Bid-to-Earn auction. Newbies won’t be able to wear them as they join the game.

  2. Creating unlimited supply of these vanity items could end up being boring. People need to flex.

  3. Making accessible less speculative assets with a fair market value is what important.

Different fair distributing techniques could be used from other games Like CS:GO, Runescape, etc. For example completing a quest or killing a Liquidator could give a vanity item. Also what could be used is a loot system like in CS:GO.

Buy a chest at the MALL then open it using Chainlink VRF and get your random vanity item. It could be common or godlike item.

  • This will create another value coming to the treasury.
  • It’s a fair distribution model
  • Includes flex
  • Newbie friendly
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Hello frens,

Yes, Coderdan did mentioned, “the good news is that we have about 8 slots left for wearables in contract memory to fill before we’ll need to completely redo the smart contract.”

One idea that was proposed by coderdan was to have “vanity slots” that override the stats slots, which I personally think is a great idea.

Coderdan then asked, “what do you guys think of having special wearable collections with royalties? created by some of the big crypto artists like xcopy, hackatao, etc” saying that, “Basically they would give a kickback/royalty to the artist on each trade, and would only be aesthetic, no stats”

With that being said, I just want to pose some questions.

What is the standard that we as a community want to set for these “vanity slots?”

Do we want to leave it up to the discretion of Pixelcraft to choose big crypto artists?

Do we have the community vote on the best wearables to also give the little artisans around the world a chance to showcase and monetize their talents?

Is there a happy medium solution where Pixelcraft can fast-track a big artist while the little artisans still have opportunities for upward momentum?


Hello frens. I’d like to add my two cents…

I think Addison brings up some important questions. While it’s great to get big name artists involved I also think it’s important to allow other members of the community the opportunity to showcase and monetize their skills.

I think customized wearables (gotchi skins too?) is a great idea and opens the doors for people who aren’t coders to be able to add value to the gotchiverse and make money doing so. Once we go live “flexing” is going to be increasingly more important to people as interactions and experiences in the game increase. I believe being able to customize your look would enrich the experience for a lot of people.

I think having the vanity slots is a really cool idea. Another idea I thought of is to attach customized skins to existing wearables which u could revert back to original by burning the skin layer for example. But not sure if this works technically or not.


Hey fren :smiley:

  1. What do you have in mind for an idea here? We are in crypto and we do want to have price appreciation on our goods. Having means to onboard newbies is great, but we also need to approach things not just as a game, but an investment and I think striking that balance is key!

  2. re: the unlimited supply- the idea I had here was to make them bind-to-gotchi, so they could not be sold ever, and to limit the supply to a timeframe. As an example, if you are present from Dec 30 - Jan 2, you could buy a NYE 2021 hat. The flex here is more about when you were part of the game. So in three years from now, wearing something like that would have some credibility as early adopter. The idea was like an expansion of badges. Rather than a badge, you could receive a vanity wearable for the event.

As you said, another way to take it would be to receive a specific wearable upon completing a set of quests or achievements. I stress the wearables would be bind-to-gotchi, so the market would be unaffected.


I agree fren this is a topic that ought to be thoroughly discussed before jumping into any big agreements with artists.

Some ideas I have re: your questions

One option would be to set a limit on how many vanity items to be released per XX period of time. ( I believe this number also needs to be addressed & released for BRS wearables as well! )

As an example, let’s say five vanity sets are to be released during a six month period. The wearables task force could gather all the submissions and put the top ones to a community-wide vote.

re: top artists, I do think PC should have some discretion to fast-track them but the number of fast-tracked pieces should be limited

I also believe strongly the community artists should have the chance to design vanity wearables too! As an artist myself, I would love the opportunity to do so. I know @bin_laggin as well has submitted some amazing skins I’d love to see in-game and him rewarded for.

Also, by incentivising artists I believe we’ll get some truly incredible and creative wearables in the game!

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i think a lot of concerns about quality control would be helped by putting a fee on the ability to do a wearable “run” making sure that presumed work was worth something to someone to start would help. this doesn’t help as well against all nefarious works.

I don’t think I fully understand what you’re saying. Are you suggesting artists pay a fee for the privilege to sell wearables?

re: nefarious works or copycats. I believe regardless of how things ultimately are implemented, there must be some form of gatekeeping. To simply allow people to upload whatever they want as wearables would not be wise in my opinion. It’s also important that the wearables actually conform to the gotchi’s bodies, turn properly, etc. !

Ngl I was initially luke-warm on the idea but after reading this bit I think its genius! This would be similar to a POAP but as a wearable skin for the Gotchi, love it

POAPS have been catching on as a way to say “I was there” for many crypto related events, even within Aavegotchi

So long as we don’t mess with game mechanics this is pretty cool

I think setting a limit to how many vanity items that can be released is important to not saturate the market. Like you said, the wearable task force can put a bunch of them up to a community vote and say the top 5 or so vanity projects get to be implemented with a limited one time drop of maybe 25-250 wearables (Maybe the artist can decide the drop number?) that don’t affect a gotchi’s stats. I also agree that if we find a way to incentivize the community artists to make the their best for for the Gotchiverse is will become the best Metaverse in web 3.

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thx fren! I think there is tremendous potential in the “bind-to-gotchi” wearables. seasonal rewards. attending certain events. leaderboard rewards etc.

couple that idea with vanity slots and we’ve got some seriously cool customisation that doesn’t impact the bazaar whatsoever :smiley:

100%. I feel we also need to test the waters before going full-on with vanities/artist submissions.
I wonder how many wearables are being bought and equipped (esp in the lower rarities) purely for aesthetics.

There’s lots to unpack as well incl. how many of each item gets minted. Some standardisation will be helpful I think.

The last thing we want is to flood the market with vanity items which are only marginally worse than common & uncommon items.

What happened to those vanity wearables, Dan? I would have liked to use them as a reward for a quiz and new task missions.

The vanity wearables is something the team is taking into the design process consideration and may have implementation soon.

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I hope this didn’t go the way of “partnerships with big artists”

The popularity of “art” in the NFT space is not exactly correlated with it’s artistic values, and lets be real… there’s only so much you can do with a wearable. There’s a line where it’s good(it looks like what you meant it to), and a line where it sucks(people are mocking you), and other than that, its not a variable enough medium to be REALY REALLY good.

If people wanna pay some GHST to have an overlay on their item, that’s an awesome sink and hurts no-one. There’s probably 500 of us in this community that can do a credible, if not bang up job.

My ultimate nightmare would be if whoever designed the punks came over here and pretended they were an artist and extended their grift to this market.

If the contract is set up to allow reasale, and the fee is low, but you get 10% on tranfer, then it makes a nice secondary market and thing for people to do with small amounts of GHST. 5 GHST is a nice fee that would get lots of action.

I think using them as a type of wearable POAP bound to a single gotchi would be super cool. also checkout Vitaliks thoughts on nontransferables

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