Vanity Equipables and Seasonal Rewards

Hey frens, I was just commenting on another thread about some exciting ideas that popped up in my brain and felt they warranted a full thread.

With the closing of season 1, it’s exciting to look back over what happened as well as draw new ideas for the future. Gifting badges was a great thing to bestow upon the winners and participant. This got me thinking to my old World of Warcraft days and PvP seasons.

For those unfamiliar, WoW essentially had different item classes. Some would bind to your character upon equipping, some would bind immediately on pickup, while others could be worn and traded freely. At the moment, items in the gotchi realm are freely tradeable. Badges are “bop” (bind on pickup, or in our case, airdrop).

What I am buzzing about is the potential for these bop items to expand beyond badges.

What if seasonal rewards also came with a set of gear for the gotchis that was bop? The items would be vanity, that is they don’t carry stats, and would override the visual of whatever item is equipped for that slot. This would look really kickass in the realm as the champions could don their limited gear. The value of their gotchi in market would also be dramatically boosted as these items could only be obtained once and through victory.

We would need to open more slots for equipables for the gotchis, the vanity slots, which would override the visual of their respective stat-bearing slots.

The gear could be tiered based upon ranking. Picture how the rofl pet is. The top 10 ‘godlike’ would get a specific colour set and adornments on top of the base layer. The top 100 ‘mythical’ would get a slightly less adorned set in different colour. The top 1000 would just get the base set in slightly plain colours. And so on.

There’s really two ideas I’m floating here: vanity slots to override the stat-bearing slots and seasonal wearable rewards.

What are your thoughts on this? Let’s discuss.

Two other ideas I have connected to this:
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If I understand correctly , this is similar concept as skin, right?

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Yeah. Different games have different terms. Essentially there would be a new set of slots to equip items that would override the artwork of the original set. The vanity set (as I’m calling it) would carry no stat bonuses and would be purely for aesthetic.

If you won season 2 of rarity farming, you’d win an item set that couldn’t be traded but could be worn to show off your awesomeness.


This can be combined with community-driven artwork or fan art that can be worn by your gotchi

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Yes! There are so many possibilities. This thread is specifically for seasonal rewards, but the overall idea of vanity items is quite juicy. By giving them a separate slot players can still wear the important stat-bearing items while having the opportunity to show off their achievements and style.


I like this idea. I’ve used plenty of items already just for the stats, not for the aesthetics. lol
I wonder if items themselves could receive bop badges to allow toggling a different design or color variant.


That’s a pretty cool idea. I think further customisation would be something items could get in the future. There may even be a skillset of sorts that allows gotchis to recolour their armour (thinking to WoW days where you hire specific crafters for specific things)! There’s so many ways to play this. Someone could install a dye bucket to their land which would recolour a specific item to blue. It would cost GHST to use and the owner earns revenue. The ways in which we can take this aavegotchi experiment never cease to amaze me :slight_smile:

With a vanity slot, it’s a pretty straightforward thing. One item replaces the visual of another (and opens possibility for non-stat bearing items !)

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Greatly welcome this idea :heart_eyes:!
Fully support these kind of rewards that don’t affect the system-wide economics while creating utility for the user. I do think it could need a bit of a bookmark at very present. First obvious reason being to prioritize realm development, and the second:
This suggestion intersects quite a bit with the functionality/purpose of what the BG slot is. Considering that haunt1 specific BGs were voted on long ago, and we are yet to see implementation -adding extra item slots and extra types of items sounds exponentially harder.

Edit: Forgot to include suggestion that creating a diverse type of items for the BG slot would probably be easier implementation :grinning:


Yes :smiley: we share similar thoughts. I’m all for creating things that enhance the experience without diluting the ecosystem of wearables. To be clear, I am not proposing any new item slots, merely duplicates. So you’d have a stat-bearing head slot and a vanity head slot. The vanity (or cosmetic, or whatever else to name it) would replace graphically the stat-bearing head slot.

It opens up a lot of potential for rewarding players with cool items that don’t impact the ecosystem. Also with bind on account items, you get a way to show off participation in time-specific events (holidays etc.) that also don’t impact your own rarity farming (think like a piece of cake vanity hand item for attending the 1st birthday). These little non-transferrable trinkets would boost the gotchi’s value, but have no additional impact on the bazaar.

With regards to implementation, I don’t know how much actual work would be required (have to call on @coderdan and devs to field that) and agree it could wait, however my only excitement is if we launch this sooner than later, we could get some sweet vanity wearables for the big events that are coming down the pipeline!!


Maybe diamond contracts allow this? Basically the “skin” NFT in the gotchi pocket would supercede the visual representation of the stat-providing wearable in the UX display. :thinking:


I had envisioned something like this

Where you simply tab between two identical equip screens. If there’s an item in the vanity tab, then it overwrites the UX display. I think it would be more a UX trick than actually anything onchain.


I love this idea. The option to override would be very cool. Cool concept and i am interested to see this possibly play out.


Thanks :smiley:
I see two big benefits here:
The possibility to override with wearables that bind to the gotchi gives a nice visual boost (and value boost for the gotchi) without diluting the economy.
Players would also choose to wear specific items as vanity that are BRS (though they wouldn’t get the + bonuses), which would soak up even more wearables from the bazaar, raising the price floor.

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