Proposal for releasing Haunt 3

The price of Haunt 2 & Haunt 1 is out of reach for the new players and landowners from the land sale. The number of available Avegotchis is not sufficient for demanding new players. The Revolution of a game is fully dependent on new joiners.

The previously posted proposal by @Cookiethief attached below now becomes a necessity.
Proposal to start Haunt 3

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as soon as aave lists ghst i think the community is ready for this. i think its very important to a lot of people that there is catalyst such as this or some gameplay available. especially since we already have another land sale right around the corner which people have begun to position for.


Shouldnt we give lending and rentals of Gotchi’s time to settle? I agree a Haunt 3 will be needed sooner than later…but with the coming utility / options for Gotchi owners and Gotchi’less newcomers I think we would want to see that exercised for a month or two if for nothing to get the community used to the option being available…

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I am a newbie - I am disappointed that there is less of a game than I had hoped, but I think we seem to have a decent community that people might want to join.

I don’t think there is any point in releasing another haunt until there is something to actually play (I usually miss things like XP minigames too because I don’t enjoy checking social media accounts to see what is happening & just open the “game” interface).

My 2 Sats is that we need to make sure we have something to adopt before we worry about mass adoption!

PS I came here to play a game, not to get rich…

PPS if we are going to FLOOOD the market with cheap gotchis for new players to play a game with, it might be nice to make age worth more (or something else to stop the current players getting REKT)

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